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01-01-12 City of South Bend to Host Minority & Women-Owned Business Outreach Program[Icon] 2 General
01-12-2012 Mayor Buttigieg, City Crews Prepare For More Snow[Icon] 1 General
01-18-2012 Wells Fargo Provides Grant to City of South Bend[Icon] 2 General
01-27-2012 Mayor Buttigieg to Host Mayor's Night In/Out Program[Icon] 1 General
01-27-2012 Street Department Installs Stop Signs at Dangerous Intersection[Icon] 1 General
01-30-2012 All-America City Quilt Tour Stops in South Bend[Icon] 1 General
02-02-2012 Mayor Buttigieg Appoints Former Fire Chief to Board[Icon] 1 General
02-10-2012 Spay Day South Bend![Icon] 1 General
02-13-2012 Mayor Buttigieg Will Present A Finance Address To The Common Council[Icon] 1 General
02-13-2012 Record Number of South Bend Residents Applied to be Citizen Member of Council Committees[Icon] 1 General
02-15-2012 Mayor Buttigieg To Pin Two New Assistant Fire Chiefs[Icon] 1 General
02-15-2012 South Bend Water Department Installs New Water Meters[Icon] 1 General
02-22-2012 Buttigieg Takes Part In Martin Luther King Jr. Center Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony[Icon] 1 General
02-27-2012 Mayor Buttigieg Announces City of South Bend Vacant & Abandoned Properties Task Force[Icon] 1 General
02-27-2012 Mayor Buttigieg to Host First Mayor's Night In on the 14th Floor of the County-City Building[Icon] 2 General
02-28-2012 Key to the City[Icon] 1 General
03-05-2012 Mayor Buttigieg Partakes in the Announcement of South Bend 2012 Blues & Ribs Fest[Icon] 2 General
03-06-2012 South Bend's West Washington Neighborhood Listed among 2012 Best Places to Live[Icon] 1 General
03-09-2012 South Bend Firefighters Head to Henryville, IN to Aid Tornado Disaster Recovery[Icon] 2 General
03-12-2012 Mayor Pete Buttigieg Thanks the Departments of Code Enforcement and Solid Waste[Icon] 2 General
03-16-2012 City of South Bend Street Department Kicks Off Spring ReLeaf Program[Icon] 1 General
03-19-2012 Mayor Pete Buttigieg Welcomes Home South Bend Firefighters and Police Deployed to Henryville, IN[Icon] 1 General
03-19-2012 Retail Giant AJ Wright to Pay the City of South Bend $3.2 Million[Icon] 1 General
03-20-2012 Mayor Pete Buttigieg Joins the Rebuilding Together Team to Announce Rehabilitation of 18 South Bend Homes[Icon] 2 General
03-27-2012 Mayor Buttigieg to Host Mayor's Night Out in 3rd Council District[Icon] 1 General
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