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SpU TH 8F <br /> R R <br /> 1865 <br /> CITY OF SOUTH BEND <br /> PETE BUTTIGIEG, MAYOR <br /> OFFICE OF THE MAYOR <br /> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE <br /> February 13, 2012 <br /> Contact:Debra Johnson,Director of Communications <br /> Phone: 574-235-9261 <br /> MAYOR BUTTIGIEG WILL PRESENT <br /> A FINANCE ADDRESS TO TBE COMMON COUNCIL <br /> South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg will present to the Common Council a statement of <br /> finances and general condition of the City in the annual mayor's address. The mayor's <br /> presentation will depict a financial overview of the City of South Bend. Mayor Buttigieg <br /> will present a formal"State of the City" address after 100 days in office on April 11. <br /> Here are some key points to note from the material: <br /> The 2012 budget that was passed last year is effectively funding our current <br /> operations and sustaining service levels. <br /> Revenue streams into the City will be within 3%-5% of the estimated budget. <br /> Public safety constitutes 82.66%of the 2012 General Fund Expenditure Budget. <br /> Water and sewer project funding constitutes 33.31%of the 2012 Expenditure <br /> Budget. <br /> In the last 10 years,the City's total number of full-time employees has been <br /> reduced by 15%. <br /> The cost of general government has decreased in recent years. <br /> Budget increases in recent years are the result of water and sewer infrastructure <br /> projects that are necessary to comply with unfunded federal mandates and sewer <br /> separation regulations. <br /> The mayor's financial overview to the Common Council is Monday,February 13th at <br /> 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers located on the 4th floor of the County-City Building, <br /> 227 West Jefferson Blvd. <br /> 1400 COUNTY-CITY BUILDING- 227 W.IEFFERSON BOULEVARD-SOUTH BEND,INDIANA 46601 <br /> PHONE 574/235-9261 FAx 574/235-9892 <br />