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{�LTHk <br /> 1 a C <br /> " SOUTH BEND COMMON COUNCIL NEWS RELEASE <br /> Date: Monday, February 13, 2012D'�ladl <br /> k <br /> From: Council President Derek D. Dieter Contact: 532-2200 <br /> "Record Number of South Bend Residents Applied to be Citizen Member of Council Committees" <br /> The South Bend Common Council received applications from sixty-four (64) South Bend residents to be <br /> considered for appointment to the various Council Committees. This is the highest number of applicants ever <br /> received for these positions; resulting in the highest number of citizen appointments in our city's history. <br /> The concept of having citizen members sit on Council Committees first began with the passage of Ordinance <br /> No. 6032-76 on September 27, 1976. That ordinance authorized up to one-third (1/3) of citizen membership <br /> of each of the seven (7) Council Committees which were then in existence. <br /> It was not until January 27, 1992, when Ordinance No. 8237-92 was passed that Citizen Members of the <br /> various Council Committees were given the right to vote at the Committee meetings. That ordinance also <br /> provided that Citizen Members would be sent copies of all documents sent to the individual committees <br /> which were under review by the Office of the City Clerk. <br /> Tonight, we are proud to announce the citizen volunteers who will be sworn in by City Clerk John Voorde. <br /> The Council Members chairing the following committees have reviewed their applications and have selected <br /> the following thirteen (13) South Bend residents who will serve this calendar year: <br /> Community& Economic Development Committee Personnel and Finance Committee <br /> 2°d District Council Member Henry Davis,Jr., Chairperson Council Member at Large Karen L. White, Chairperson <br /> Patricia Crowley Tamara McNally <br /> Zachary Raymond <br /> Community Relations Committee Residential Neighborhoods Committee <br /> Yd District Council Member Valerie Schey, Chairperson I'District Council Member Tim Scott, Chairperson <br /> James Burns Kenneth Bradford <br /> James Lee Jennifer Tindell <br /> Health and Public Safety Committee Utilities Committee <br /> Dr. Fred Ferlic, Chairperson I"District Council Member Tim Scott, Chairperson <br /> Kyle Chamberlin Christine Sopczynski <br /> Marcus Ellison Dawn Pontius <br /> Parks, Recreation, Cultural Arts & Entertainment <br /> Council Member at Large Gavin Ferlic, Chairperson <br /> Elizabeth Ferlic <br /> John Mazurkiewicz <br /> Additional citizen appointments will be made to the Zoning and Annexation, Public Works and Property <br /> Vacation, and the Information and Technology Committees in the very near future. The South Bend <br /> Common Council thanks the citizens of South Bend for your enthusiastic response to serve! <br /> -30- <br />