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CITY OF SOUTH BEND <br />BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />oI$0UTtlNl <br />°` <br />AGENDA REVIEW SESSION <br />February 5, 2015 —10:30 a.m. <br />186 <br />Location: 1308 County -City Building <br />South Bend, Indiana 46601 <br />F. Wastewater Treatment Plant Nitrification Towers Demolition — Project No. 114- <br />076 <br />1. Title Sheet <br />2. Funding: Environmental Services, Contractual Services (641.0630.793.63.35) <br />8. AGREEMENTS /CONTRACTS /PROPOSALS /ADDENDA <br />A. Amendment to Professional Services Agreement- Abonmarche Consultants, Inc. <br />1. Description: Increase in Scope of Southwood Sewer Separation Project <br />2. Amount: Additional $6,300, New Total $124,800 <br />3. Funding: 2011 Sewer Bond (659.0621.415.31.02) <br />B. Professional Services Agreement — DLZ Indiana, LLC <br />1. Description: Street Design of Bendix Drive from 470 Feet North of Lathrop <br />Drive to the I -80 Bridge <br />2. Amount: $303,000 <br />3. Funding: LRSA; $290,880 (251.0608.431.42.96) and $12,120 <br />(101.0620.431.31.06) <br />C. Professional Services Agreement — mCapitol Management <br />1. Description: 2015 Governmental Relations & Consulting for 1st Quarter <br />2. Amount: $24,000 ($8,000 /month for three months) <br />3. Funding: COIT /Professional Services (4040.0617.431.31.06) <br />D. Professional Services Agreement — CB Innovis, Inc. <br />1. Description: Master Agreement for Credit Report Services related to Housing <br />Counseling <br />2. Amount: $3,500 <br />3. Funding: DCI Operations (211.1001.460.31.19) <br />E. Professional Services Agreement — Abonmarche Consultants, Inc. <br />1. Description: Design of Four (4) Blocks of Western Avenue Streetscape, <br />Phase I <br />2. Amount: $94,900 <br />3. Funding: Major Moves (412.0602.431.42.03) <br />F. Agreement — Historic Preservation Commission of St. Joseph County <br />1. Description: Annual Public Education, Data Collection and Historic Review <br />of Federal Projects <br />2. Amount: $25,000 <br />3. Funding: EDIT (408.1001.460.39.58) <br />G. Professional Services Agreement — Redevelopment Commission and City of <br />South Bend Legal Dept. <br />1. Description: Annual Agreement for Legal Services <br />H. Special Purchase — Midwest Meters <br />1. Description: Compatible Meter Replacement; Extension of 2014 Unit Prices <br />GARY A. GILOT DAVID P. RELOS KATHRYN E. RODS PATRICK M. HENTHORN BRIAN J. PAWLOWSKI <br />Page 3 <br />