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12. The annual volunteer recognition event will be held on October 11 at the Chris Wilson <br /> Pavilion. <br /> 13. Rum Village Park hosted a cross country meet for 5-8 graders that is sponsored by the <br /> South Bend Community School Corporation. Over 500 participants are expected. <br /> M. Comments by the Development Director <br /> 1. Mr. Payton reported that the CAPRA accreditation process has wrapped up. <br /> 2. The Director's Golf Outing was held in August and was a successful event. Thirty-four <br /> foursomes participated. <br /> 2. There are several grants that are being prepared. One is to digitize the records from the <br /> Cemeteries. This will preserve paper records from as far back as the 1800s. <br /> A forestry grant is being requested to offset the planting of trees to replace those lost to the <br /> emerald ash borer. <br /> The third is for additional playground equipment. <br /> 3. Four award nominations for the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association have been <br /> submitted for 2012 programs. <br /> 4. A meeting was held with Capt. Boykins regarding the perception of safety as it pertains to <br /> some of the Active Youth Initiative programs we are planning. <br /> IV. Comments by the Interim Zoo Director <br /> 1. Ms. Arriaga reported that Zoo Boo is the next event at the Zoo and they will begin <br /> preparing soon. <br /> 2. Several animal shipments are in the works. A snow leopard is coming from Philadelphia; a <br /> red panda is coming from Minnesota, and a chimpanzee from Florida. A pocket owl is going <br /> to Los Angeles and a chimpanzee is going to Knoxville, Tennessee. <br /> 3. Tripping hazards are being repaired. <br /> 4. Dr. Stockinger,the Zoo's veterinarian, has resigned to take another position. Advertising <br /> for this position is underway. <br /> V. Swearing In of Park Board Member Bruce BonDurant <br /> Ms. Wisniewski of the City Clerk's Office swore in Mr. BonDurant. <br /> VI. Comments by the Golf Operations Director <br /> 1. Mr. Nowacki reported that yardage books are available at both classes. This is included as <br /> part of the agreement with the scorecard provider. <br /> 2. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management approved the application for the <br /> master plan at Elbel Golf course. This application is valid for five years. <br /> 3. The irrigation pumps at Erskine Golf Course have been installed and are operational. <br /> 4. Drainage problems on the#12, 16, and putting greens have corrected. Drainage tile have <br /> been replaced. <br /> 5. Vinyl siding on the Elbel Pro Shop is being replaced. <br /> 6. An effort to control the geese on Elbel is underway using dogs to chase them off the <br /> fairways. It seems that progress is being made. <br /> 7. Fall rates will begin on September 17. <br /> - - Z - - <br />