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VII. Comments by Maintenance Superintendent <br /> 1. Mr. Mike Dyszkiewicz informed the Board that the splash pad at Potawatomi Park is <br /> coming along. Concrete work will be finished this week. <br /> 2. Ice rink quotes will be opened today. <br /> 3. Conservatory irrigation has been installed. Seeding will take place soon. The alley has <br /> been paved. <br /> 4. King Center gym has been refinished and painting will take place this week. <br /> 5. The King Center softball field has been finished and is ready for play. <br /> 6. Several locations have had their courts patched. <br /> 7. Members of the Maintenance Division were commended for their ingenuity in <br /> constructing a controller box for the King Center splash pad for$250 rather than buying a <br /> $6,500 box. <br /> VIII. The Next Order of Business was the Interviewing of Interested Citizens <br /> There were no interested citizens wishing to address the Board. <br /> IX. Reports By Organizations <br /> 1. Presentation and Discussion of Energy Week for Parks- Jonathon Burke, Jonathon <br /> Geels <br /> a. Mr. Geels of the Municipal Energy Office informed the Board that Energy Week is <br /> coming up for the City. <br /> b. The hydro turbine has been installed in the East Race. <br /> c. During Energy Week energy awareness, educational opportunities and efficiency will be <br /> promoted. Five Expos will be held around the City. <br /> Director St. Clair added that the electricity from the hydroelectric turbine will be used to <br /> power Howard Park, including the Ice Rink. <br /> 2. Potawatomi Zoological Society- Marcy Dean <br /> a. Ms. Dean reported that the recently held Zoo Brew was well attended with over 1,200 <br /> attending. <br /> b. The Zoo Train will be shut down for the season on October 31. Ridership has been <br /> steady. <br /> c. The Butterfly Exhibit has been closed. <br /> d. Zoo Boo preparations will begin in early October. <br /> e. An adult event, the Jack-O-Lantern Spooktacular, will be held the day before Zoo Boo <br /> begins. The proceeds will help offset Zoo Boo expense. <br /> f. She will bring a list of 2013 events for Board approval to the next meeting. <br /> 3. Botanical Society-Heidi Grey <br /> a. A music event was held at the Conservatory. It was fairly well attended. <br /> b. A membership drive will be held during the month of October. <br /> c. Freaky Flower Friday will be held on October 25 for children. <br /> d. Dr. Schnabel will hold a science fair workshop for fourth through sixth graders during <br /> October. <br /> e. A series of talks by university professors concerning their research projects is planned. <br /> f. Yoga classes are being held on Saturdays and continue to be popular. <br /> - -3 - - <br />