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SOUTH BEND BOARD OF PARK COMMISSIONERS <br /> REGULAR MEETING <br /> SEPTEMBER 17,2012 <br /> The Board of Park Commissioners of the Park District of the City of South Bend, Indiana met on <br /> Monday September 17, 2012 at the O'Brien Administration & Recreation Center, 321 E. Walter <br /> St., South Bend, Indiana for its regular meeting. Notice of the date,time and place of the <br /> meeting were duly given as required by law. <br /> Park Board members present were as follows: <br /> Ms. Amy Hill, Vice President <br /> Mr. Garrett Mullins <br /> Mr. Bruce BonDurant <br /> Park Board members absent were as follows: <br /> Mr. Robert Goodrich, President <br /> Staff members present: Phil St. Clair, Executive Director; Bill Carleton, Fiscal Officer;Betsy <br /> Harriman, Administrative Director; Susan O'Connor,Recreation Director; Randy Nowacki, <br /> Director of Golf Operations; Laura Arriaga, Interim Zoo Director; Richard Payton, Development <br /> Director; Mike Dyszkiewicz, Maintenance Superintendent; Cheryl Greene, Park Board Attorney <br /> I. The meeting was called to order by Board Vice President Amy Hill at 4:14 p.m. <br /> New board member Mr. Bruce BonDurant had not been sworn in and therefore, a quorum <br /> was not present. While waiting for a member of the Clerk's Office to arrive to swear in Mr. <br /> BonDurant, staff reports were given. <br /> II. Comments by the Recreation Director <br /> 1. Ms. O'Connor reported gave a recap of the summer's activities <br /> 2. 27,007 children were served in the summer lunch program. <br /> 3. Attendance at the Potawatomi Pool was 7,914, slightly more than last year. At the <br /> Kennedy Water Playground, attendance was 5,318,up from 4,082 last year. <br /> 4. Concert attendance was very good due to good weather. No concerts were canceled. <br /> 5. The South Bend Community Olympics were held in August and attendance was up 34% <br /> this year. <br /> 6. Flag Football began August 25. <br /> 7. The Recreation Centers have started their after school programming. King Center held an <br /> event and 330 children received school supplies. The event was hosted by St. John's Church, <br /> the Senior Men's Club and Black Expo. At Charles Black Center,their back to school party <br /> was hosted by LaSalle Park Homes and gave away school supplies to 100 children. <br /> 8. The Charles Black Center has 50 students in their after school program and King Center <br /> has 48. <br /> 10. River City Basketball League registration began September 3. <br /> 11. Over Labor Day weekend the national 16" slow pitch tournament was held. 22 teams <br /> competed and evaluations were very good. <br /> - - I - - <br />