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Be it Remembered that the <br />Regular Session in the Council <br />the hour of 9 :45 o'clock P. M. <br />President Nelson presided. The <br />Councilman Hiss were accepted <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />Inspection Division <br />RI - 1441 <br />MINUTES. <br />Common Council of the City <br />Chambers of the City Hall, <br />All members present except <br />Minutes of the two p revioui <br />3s read. Motion carried. <br />Department of Saf ety <br />Indiana State <br />of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />Monday evening August 27th, 1934 at <br />Councilmen Rokop, Hull and Altfeld. <br />3 meetings were read and on Motion cf <br />Arson Division <br />RI - 1441 <br />Fire Marshall Department <br />Al Feeney, State Fire Marshal <br />Clem Smith, Chief, Fire Marshall Dept. <br />State House <br />Indianapolis, Indiana July 24, 1934. <br />'Honorable William R. Hinkle, Mayor <br />.South Bend, Indiana <br />Dear Mayor: <br />During recent months this department has become acquainted with conditions pertaining to the <br />transportation, handlin, storing and selling of dynamite, which are most alarming. <br />Through inspections made by this department, it has been found that dynamite is handled in the <br />most da negligent manner and without regard to safety. <br />Recent accidents show plainly that the careless transportation of dynamite by trucks through <br />cities and towns in this State calls for some ligislation which will saf egruard and <br />protect the public. <br />h am, therefore, submitting the enclosed recommendations for your consideration in the hope <br />that *ou may have thema adopted by your city in the form of an ordinance. The Fire Marshal <br />Department is adopting new regulations coinciding with and sloupporting this ordinance. <br />I wish to call your attention to Section 45. Article J. This Article bans the use of fireworks. <br />This may be stricken out or adopted, whichever procedure meets with your approval. Yours very <br />respectfully, Al Feeney, State Fire Marshal Director of Safety. AF:FM JJS Enclosure. <br />On Mottos of Councilman Goetz the Communication was referred to the City Attorney to draft an <br />Ordinance to conform with the State Fire Marshal. Motion carried. <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />South Bend, Indiana, August 27tj, 1934. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana. <br />Gentlemen: -- On behalf of the City Highways Employees, Union No. 19795, being composed of <br />members of the Street Department, we her4by request your Honorable Body to withdraw a petition <br />filed with your body_by employees of th4 street department on August 13t4v, 1934. Respectfully <br />yoursm, CITY HIGHWAYS EMPLOYEES, UNION NO. 19795. H. E. Josephson, President. Cecil S. Smith, <br />Vice- President. Clloyd_Cowan, Recording Secretary. Matt Haney, Treasurer.(Corporate Seal) <br />On Motion of Councilman Hiss, the Communication was accepted and ordered to be placed on file, <br />also that the City Highways Employees, Union No. 19785 be granted. Motion carried.' <br />C OMMUBIIDATZOIL <br />August 27, 1934 <br />Committee of the Whole <br />Common Council <br />City cC South Bend, Indiana <br />Gentlemen: <br />I f o . have submitted to your honorable body a contract with a Mr. Pierce for <br />he collection and disposal of garbage for a period of five years beginning: <br />January 1, 1935. <br />At a meeting of the Committee of the whole was read, dis- <br />cussed and accepted by said Committee disapproving the contract with pti- <br />vate party for the collection and disposal of garbage and recommending that <br />the City make arrangements for the collection and disposal of garbage by <br />creating a Garbage Department. <br />The past experience of the City in the collection of its own garbage has <br />not been entirely satisfactory. The cock has been considerably greater <br />than the contract before the Common Council provides. <br />There have been a few statements made that the cost for collecting garbage <br />today would be lower than it was in 1930. The actual facts are that the <br />prices of trucks, tires, gasoline, oil, me chani cal maintenance and labor <br />would represent a very slight reduction. between 1934 and 1930. When the <br />1934 budget was prepared we requested the present contractor to gives us a <br />reduction and showed him our estimates which disel.os:ecl that he was being <br />paid apjr oximately $20,000. a year more than the actual cost of garbage <br />collection would be, and this was true for practically the entire time of <br />his contract. In other words, the present contract has cost the City <br />0100,000. in excess of what it should have. <br />We have obtained new estimates based on todays prices which show a slight <br />increase over the 1933 estimates. If the City is to enter into arrange- <br />ments for the collection of garbage through the establishment of a garbage <br />department, and not by private contract, these figures should be analyzed. <br />They area submitte& for your consideration. <br />Labor Supervision <br />Men paid 6 mos.or 26 24.20 <br />tt tt tt it tt tt it tt 19.80 <br />Each man paid for 12 <br />.Payroll of 12 men at $1144.00 <br />Equipment Trucks base chassis 9 <br />cab <br />(lump <br />extra wheels <br />spare tire <br />it tub e <br />Total each truck <br />6 trucks at X746.75 <br />12 shovels <br />629.20 <br />514.80 <br />§1144. <br />571.75 <br />85.00 <br />15.00 <br />40.00 <br />29.20 <br />5.80 <br />4,480.50 <br />16.50 <br />1,800.00 <br />13t728.00 <br />V <br />