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June 12th, 1933. <br />Be it Remembered that the <br />Regular Session in the Council <br />at thek hour of7 :50 o'clock P. <br />the four previous meetings were <br />Motion carried." <br />CARD OF THANKS.. <br />We wish to express our deep appreciation and thanks for <br />Mrs. Sam P. Schwartz and daughter. On Motion of-Councilman <br />accepted and ordered to be placed on file. Motion carried.' <br />REGULAR MEETING6 <br />MINUTES. <br />Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in <br />Chambers in the -City Hall, SmA Monday evening June *14th, 1933 <br />M. All members present: President Nelson presided. The Minutes <br />read and'on Motion of Councilman Hull were accepted as read. <br />your kind expression of sympathy. <br />Rokop the Card of Thanks was <br />• <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />May 31, 1933• <br />Honorable W. R. Hinkle and Council: <br />City of South Bend. <br />The Northwest Citizens Club of South Bend, in its rescent meeting of officers and executive <br />committee have arrived at the following resolutions in reference to the proposed policementa, <br />and firemen's cuts in salaries. <br />Wheras, President Rooseivelt in his recent message to the American people prevailed upon <br />employers to increase wages, it would be a poor example and a definite lack of cooperation for <br />the City of South Bend to place a wage reduction into effect at this time. <br />Wheras, the firemen and policemen worked for comparatively low wages during times of prosperity <br />ht would seem only reasonable at this time to compensate them with a comfortable living wage. <br />Furthermore, the wage szcale for these city employees-must be such that the salary will attract <br />men of better caliber to protect our city and render conscientious service.. <br />The Northwest Citizens Club wishes to express its appreciation for the cooperation and,fine wo <br />k done <br />recently by the Board of Safety, the Board of Works and the Park Board. However it also <br />expresses its dissatisfaction with the Street Department and suggests that some changes be made <br />so <br />that the streets be kept in cleaner and better condition. <br />It is also suggested that the Park Board be comprised of men from representative parXts of the <br />city, that is, one member on the board from every park district for fair and proper representation. <br />Economy measurev should be taken with caution, giving particular attention to various offices alLd <br />salaries which are not so vital to the city and its welfaoe. <br />Northwest Citizens Club <br />Executive Committee. <br />L.' A. Dribin S. Buzolski T. Kruszinski <br />On Motion of Councilman Oakley the Communication was accepted and ordered to be placed on file: <br />Motion carried.' <br />COMMUNICATION. _ <br />