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MINUTES. <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening, Reboh 13th2 1933, <br />at the hour of 7 :30 P. M. All members present. President Nelson presided. The Minutes <br />of the two previous me6tings were read and on Motion of Councilman Hull were accepted as <br />read. Motion carried. <br />• <br />REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend. your Committee of the Whole�to whom was <br />referred a Remonstrance of resident property owners against -the proposed change of name <br />of Kemble Avenue to any other name. Respectfully report that they have examined the. matter; <br />end that in their opinion the said Remonstrance should be placed on file. JffikX C. Hiss, <br />Chairman. The report was accepted ty the Council and ordered to be placed on file. Motion <br />carried. <br />REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: Your Committee of the Whole to whom arts <br />referred a Remonstrance'of Resident or property owners on Victoria St., South'Bend against <br />the changing of the name of Victoria Street as proposed. Respectfully report that they <br />� • <br />have examined the matter and that in their opinion the said Remonstrance should be placed <br />on file. xJ1zk x2i J. C. Hiss, Cheirman. The report was accepted by the Council and ordered <br />to be placed on file. Motion carried. <br />ORDINANCE N0. <br />An Ordinance Amending Sections-Four (4) and Five (5) of Ordinance No. 1594 adopted June 12, <br />1911, providing for the licensing of transient merchants, which Sections ere also Sections <br />474 and 475 of the Ordinances of the City of South Bend Published in Volume Form as Ordinanc <br />No. 1827 adopted February 14, 1916, and further amending said ordinA.nce by adding thereto <br />an additional Section numbered four and one -half (47). <br />The Ordinance was given its first reeding by title, its second reading in full and on motion <br />of Councilman Altfeld was referred to the Committee of the Whole. Councilman Cripe . <br />amended this motion to state that it be referred to the Committee of the Whole and the <br />Ordinance Committee. Motion carried. <br />Councilman Hiss makes an oral motion that the City Attorney draw up an ordinance prohibiting <br />marathon dances, x±zx `walka,thans, eta. <br />RESOLUTION Introduced by Councilman John C. Nelson. <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the-Common Counnil of the City of South Bend: <br />That the bond.,_and /or bonds, ofthe Treasurer of the City of South Bend conditioned upon the <br />faithful compliance of such Treasurer with the provisions of Chapter 99 of the Acts of the <br />General Assembly for the year 1931, being "An Act for the collection, payment and endorcemen <br />of special assessments levied on account of public improvements and bonds issued in <br />anticipation of such a-collection," etc., and for the faithful accounting for-all funds <br />coming to his hands pursuant to the provisions of such Act end the statutes to which it is <br />*supplemental, be fixed at the total amount of One Hundred Thousand ($100,000.00) Dollars. <br />• <br />On Motion of Cou:acilmen Gustin the Resolution was adopted. Motion carried. <br />RESOLUTION. Introduced by Councilman John C. Hiss. <br />Whereas, under authority of the Common - Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, the-Legal <br />Department of said city filed with the Public Service Commission of this state on July <br />30, 1932, a petition asking for a reduction of the rates charged by the Northern Indiana <br />Public Service Company for the furnishing of gas to the citizens of this city; and <br />Whereas, such Commission is charged by law with maintaining reasonable and just rates <br />at all times for the service of public utilities to the citizens of this state; and <br />Whereas, the Engineering and Accounting Departments of said Commission have undertaken <br />to make a. valuation and accounting of the affairs of said company in regard to its supply- <br />ing gas to the citizens of the City of South Bend end such data is necessary to the reason- <br />• <br />able determination of the matter set forth in the petition above referred to. <br />Therefore be it resolved by the Common Council of the City of South Bend that, the <br />Public. Service Commission of the Stete of Indiana is hereby respectfully requested to have <br />such data completed by its Engineering and Accounting Departments at the earliest possible <br />time in order that a reasonable rate may be determined by said commission as soon as <br />practicable, particularly in view of the fact that this Council believes that the citizens <br />of this city ere entitled to a lower rate end in authorizing the filing of a petition to <br />that effect, were acting under expert advice. <br />Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the members of <br />the Commission and to the Counsel therefor. <br />On Motion of Councilman Cripe the Resolution was adopted. Motion Carried.. <br />RESOLUTION Introduced by Councilman Stephen C. Grzeskowiak. <br />Concerning the celebration of the sesquicentennial of naturalization as in American Citizen_ <br />and elevation to rank of Brigadier General of the Coneinental Army of Thaddeus Kosciuszko <br />Revolutionary War Hero, on October 13, 1933, and providing for the celebration of the <br />City of South Bend, in the State of Indiana and establishing a commission to be known as <br />the South Bend General Kosciuszko Sesquicentennial Commission. <br />Preamble. <br />WHEREAS, the American people are grateful for the blessings of liberty that they enjoyed <br />and appreciate the invaluable aid of those who come to succor the Colonists in their <br />struggle for freedom in the Revolutionary, War; and, <br />WHEREAS, Thaddeus Kosciuszko was the first of a. noted galaxy of foreign officers to offer <br />his services to George Washington and served continuously in the Revolutionary Army fmom <br />• <br />the summer of 1776, to the close of the war; and, <br />WHEREAS,,he was a man of lofty character, and distinguished himself as a military genius <br />in building the fortifications at Philadelphia, Saratoga and West Point; And, <br />WHEREAS, George Washington wrote: "Kosciuszko is a gentlemen of sciencd and merit ", and <br />"To his care and sedulous appreciation, the American people are indebted for the defense <br />of West Point "; and <br />WHEREAS, whilst in Paris, in 1800, he prepared a manual entitled the "Maneuvers of Horse <br />Artillery" and Exercises fdr Cannon" for the'United States, which were relied upon chiefly <br />by the United States in the war of 1912, and by reason whereof he is styled the Father <br />of American Artillery; and, <br />WHEREAS, in recognition of his true worth, military ability and invaluable services rendered <br />Congress elevated him to the rank 6f Colonel in theEngineering Corps and later brevetted him <br />with the title of Brigadier General of the Continental Army and conferred American citizensh JP <br />upon him on October 13, 1783, end he became a character member of the Order of Cincinnati; arid, <br />bestowing Americ <br />n <br />WHEREAS October 13, 1933, marks the 15Ch anniversary in American history of <br />"hero of two woiids" of whom the poet said <br />citizenship upon this true son of liberty end <br />"Freedom shrieked when Kosciuszko fell "; and, <br />WHEREAS,' it is meet end proper to honor his meAWry and redall the signal services he rendere <br />for American independence at this time and to rejoice that he became a citizen of our Republic, <br />(see page 181) <br />