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142 <br />June 6th, 1932: SPECIAL MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />b AIE OF INDIANA CALL FOR SPECIAL MEETING <br />ST. JOSEPH COUNTY SS: <br />CITY OF SOUTH BEND OF COMMON COUNCIL. t <br />To the Members of the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana.' <br />You are hereby notified that under and by virtue of the authority by law vested in us'`, <br />as Councilmen of the City of South Bend, of the State of Indiana, a special meeting of the <br />Common Council of said city is hereby called for 8 :30 o'clock P.' M., on Monday, June 6, 1932, <br />or as soon thereafter as convenient following a meeting of the Committee of the whole of said <br />Council on said evening, for the purpose of considering action upon the following ordinance: <br />1. An Ordinance declaring the non-existence of a City Purchasing Agent, Purchasing <br />Clerk, and prohibiting that appointment of any such person to such non- existent <br />office or position. <br />Dated this 6th day of June,'1932.` <br />Julius Altfeld <br />Geo * W:' Goetz <br />John 00 Nelson <br />Stephen 0: Grzeskowiak <br />Joseph S. Jaworski <br />Andrew M.' Rokop <br />Members of the Common Council <br />of the City of South Bends Indiana*'' <br />Countersigned ( Official Seal) <br />Gladys M. Monroe _ <br />City Clerk: <br />Grover D.' Whiteman.` <br />E. 8.' Gust in <br />Glen L.` Oakley <br />I.' W/ 0 ipe <br />'Geo F.` dull <br />John 00- Hiss <br />Members of the Common Council of <br />the City of South Bend, Indiana.` <br />9 <br />• <br />