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March 14th, 1932 REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the _Common Council of the City of South Bend, State :of 4ndiana, met <br />in the Regular Session in the Council Chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening March 14th, 19`22 <br />at the hour of 7:x-5 o'clock P. M.;t All Members present, which were as follows: Councilsen,Nels n, <br />Whiteman, Rokop, Goetz, Hull, Jaworski, Altfeld, Hiss, Oakley, Grzeskowiak, Gripe and Gustin,. <br />President Nelson presided.' The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and on motion of <br />Councilman Hull were referred to the Committee on the Inspection and Supervision of Minutes.` <br />Motion carried.' <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />February 13, 1932•' <br />To the Honorable City Council, of the City of South Bend, Indiana. <br />The undersigned, entertainment committee, of the St. Joseph County Voiture #249, 40 -8 of the,. <br />American Legion, for and intbehalf of themselves and said Voiture, respectfully request the <br />Honerabie_Council_ that special permission be granted them to hold a Spring-Festival on and <br />between the second and fourteenth days of May, 1932, said Festival being conducted by the J 04 Weer <br />Shows, and the same being under polixce.supervision, and said committee further shows to the • <br />Honorable Council that the said J. C.' Weer is a residen3ot of South Bend, living at 930 E. <br />Irvington Street, that he makes his home atjsaid address together with his family, and is a <br />property owner and a tax payer in this city. - <br />That said Voiture wishes permission to hold said Festival so--that the proceeds derived <br />therefrom may be used by said Voiture in their relief work in helping members in their respective' <br />posts, also the Worlditr Veterans.`. Respectfully Submitted. Harry F." Scott Ira Howar <br />Marion Wheeler A. E. "Douglas. On Motion of Councilman Hiss the Communication was referre <br />to the Com*ittee of the Whole. Motion carried.' <br />COMMUNICATION. Milwaukee Frb. 182 1932. <br />City Council, South Bend, Ind. <br />Gentlemen: As owners of the Southern Hotel property, 808 Main Street, South Bend, Indiana, we <br />respectfully call your attenti®n:to the need-of at least two street lamps in the 100 block west - <br />Tutt Street, the block in which the Southern Hotel is located.` <br />Our Lessee, Mr. E. Thiel, now operating the Southern Hotel, inforips us that these lamps are vexy <br />necessary as prospective customers hesitate to patronize the hotel beczause it is located on a <br />dark street for fear of holdups. <br />This is a severe handicap to place on an hotel operator, and we hope it will be possible for <br /> to improve this condition by installing two or more additional lights on Tutt Street. <br />We",shajl appreciate your advices in this regard at your earliest conveniences Yours very truly, <br />0hz1 _�&cliroesler &_Son Co. By B.' A.' Lehnberg. On Motion of Councilman Hull the Commmicat ion <br />f <br />• <br />