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February 8th, 1932:` <br />MINUTES. <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />Be it-Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, State of, Indiana, met <br />in the Reg7lar Session in the Council Chambers in the City Hall,. Monday evening February 8th, <br />1932, at the hour of 7:45 o'clock P. Me All Members present which were as follows: Councilmen,; <br />NelsorA, Whiteman, Rokop, Goetz, Hull, - Jaworski; Altfeld, Hiss, Oakley, Grzeskowiak, Oripe as d <br />Gustin, ityzsz Presidemt Nelson presided. The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and <br />on Motion of Councilman Hull, were referred to the Committee of the Inspection and Supervision <br />of Minutes:` MotioWbcarried: <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />Feb: 8, 19 .3g: <br />To The Common Council City of South Bend--. <br />South Bend, Indiana :' <br />Gentlemen: At a meeting of the East Side Business Menla Club, held Thursday evening, February, <br />, a resolution was passed commending the Committee of the Whole for its action, at -.. <br />the last 'regular meeting, in approving the sale of a $400,000 bond issue to provide funds for <br />the Cityts share of the expenses in connection with the track elevation and subway on Western <br />Avenue: __ <br />We trust that the Common Council, at its regular meeting, Monday, February 8, will complet <br />the last step in the project which has been ' under-way-for a- number of years , being_promoted <br />by the Western-Avenue Improvement-.Association and various other Civic organizations: Respectfully., <br />EAST SIRE BUSINESS MENIS GLUB By Je C'Hiss, President pro tem . On Motion.of Councilman <br />Rokop_the Commumioation. was- accetted�and�'orddredito be placed on file9' Motion carried: <br />REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON MINUTES. _ <br />To the Common Council of the:city of South Bend <br />Your Committee on the inspection and supervision of the.minutes, would respectfully report✓ <br />that they have inspected the minutes of the previous meeting of the Gown it and found them <br />correct :' They therefore recommend that the same be approved.' I;: W:' gripe, Joseph S Jaworski, All <br />Julius Altfeld, Committee:' South Bend, Ind: January llth, 1932:' The report was accepted -by the <br />Council :' <br />REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WEOLE. <br />To the Common Council of-the City of South Bend: <br />Your Committee-,of the Whole to whom was referred. An Ordinance Transferring $15,000000 from <br />the Funds of the City Plan Commission of the City of South Bend, Indiana. Respectfully report <br />that they have examined the matter, and that in their opinion the said Ordinance sh ou2d be repo ted� <br />Favorable. John C :' Hiss4 Chairman.__ The_ re-oo -r -t was accected_b _y_ the Council-&-` <br />0 <br />9 <br />