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a <br />May 11th, 1931.1 REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council met in the Regular Session in the Council <br />Chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening May 11th, 1931 at the hour of $:v15 o'clock P: M: <br />All Members present except Councilman Whiteman: President Nelson presided The Minutes of <br />the previous meeting were read and on Motion of Councilman Hull were referred to the Committee <br />on the Inspection and Ouperviaxsion of Minutes&' Motion carried. <br />CARD OF_ ACKNOWLEDGMENT. r <br />Gratefully ,acknowledging your kind expression: of sympathy which is deeply appreciated :' <br />Edith L,enonz. `_ The card was accepted and ordered be placed on file. <br />COMMUNICATIOR. <br />South Bend, Ind:' May 11, 1931:' <br />City Council of South Bend., South Bend, Indiana <br />Gentlemen: This is to call attention -to the Railway Crossing sign, located at the north —east. <br />corner of East LaSalle and Niles Avenue, erected by the .Michigan Central Railway:_ The iron <br />post supporting this sign is placed about two feet outside the curbi'where it is dangerous to <br />traffic and also unsightly and - unnecessary.' Trusting that this will be called to the attention <br />of, the Michigan Central Railway authorities at once, I am Wpurs very truly, Jno'' C Hiss <br />pfd <br />Motion-of Councilman Hiss the Communication was referred to the City Sian Attorney for <br />Investigations" Motion carried: <br />