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December ; REGULAR MEETING. <br />Ordinani a Lost. - <br />ORDINANCE K0 2813. <br />An Ordinance, amending Ordinance Humber 1758 adopted Fetruary 22, 1915 and Repealing Section <br />6 of Ordinance Number 1784, adopted May 10th , 1915. <br />The ,Ordinanco was given its third reading t:V title., and # tiiVZIK *59xtll5nnx:ktaxpasts exx3td <br />Fastssdx *yxtkk Councilman Hug makes a Motion to refer said Ordinance back to they Committee of <br />the Whole for further investigation, Motion was seconded and Councilman 2kk Gall makes a. Motion <br />for Roll" Call on said Motion which is as follows: Bayer, Keelson, Fegan, Whiteman, Hull, Thorne <br />on <br />Zmudzinski. and Witwer> voting Nay, Hug and Gall voting Aye, X X t&x x Ayes 2, Kays S. Motion Lost ., <br />Ordinance Was thon,placed upon its passage and passed <br />tgr the following vote: Bayear, Kerison, <br />Fegan, 'White:man,,, Hull;, Thornton, Zmudzinski and:'Witwer voting Aye, Hug and Gall voting Nay, <br />Ayes' 8, Mays', Ordinance adopted. <br />ORDh CE 0 -2814. <br />. <br />N <br />An Ordinax�e appropr3ating,,the sum of Three Hundred Dollars. ($300.00) from the General .Fund <br />to the Ft ndof Office Supplies in th'o CityClerk's Office.. <br />The Ordinance. was given Its third reading tV title, and was placed upon its passage and <br />passed tai :the following voter ,J*n 86yer, Nelson,.Fegan, Whtteman, Hull, Thornton,Hug, <br />Zmudzinsi , Gal Ay: Nis O. Ordinance adopted. <br />( See pager. 2.) <br />MINUTES. <br />{ <br /> Remembered . that the C.xi=non Council met in the yegular Session in the Council, Chambers <br />in the City Hall, n Monday Ev mi ing,. December k& tk 9th;, 1929 at the hour of 7:.45 o'.clock P. V. All <br />h+lembers present exdept 'Counciltmen Aranowks:ki .and Alt old. President dyer presided.= The Minutes <br />of the, previou5� meeting were read and on Motion of <br />Councilman Gall were referred to the Committe <br />" o <br />on_-th ;e 1nspect1on and Supervision of Minutes.. Motion carried. <br />REPORT,: OF': THE--. CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BENDFOR 'THE MOUTH OF OCTO FI';R 19290 = <br />= <br />H�lncer on Hand First' of Month ..- ......... .........`......... :......422,i 8.70 - <br />3 <br />hand Kov. l ,; 1929. :.` .:..:.....` ...................:....... `.: "327 9755.41 <br />-Respectfully_: Sutssxmitted, R. Ackermann, City 'Controller. The 'report was accepted unanimously <br />tv the Council. <br />a <br />- REPORT fOP CITY CLERK'S CERTIFICATE OF PROOF OF PUHJICATION OF NOTICE VO TAXPAYERS, <br />j In t`he Matter: of they ok taxkk appropriation of `thee sum of Three Hu�dre-d (0300':00) Dollars, <br />from they Go' noral Fund to the Fund of Office Supplies in the City Cl'erk's Offioo: <br />Stuthi . Ba nd, Indiana, December 9th, 1929. <br />r I, Gladys. M. 'Monroe, City Clerk of `the` City of South Band, Indiana, do herely certify that <br />a c py'of � attached notice Ras pub1li�shed eon November 27th and December 4th, 1929 in the <br />Evening Editions of the South Band News Times and the South Band Tri bane, of the City of <br />South . Band, In diana, "also` that I` have posted 'notices in the follows ng names places; to -wit: <br />r C <br />City 'Ha11, 'South­`Band',, Ind "and, Court House, South Band, Indiana, Telephone Pole <br />at South side of. West LaSalle Avenue betwee'h North Michi�nnt and Main Streets, South Bend. <br />Indiana. . ` , <br />_ I <br />.In `Witness' g9hereof, I` have' hereunto set 'my hand and affixed `the Seal of they City of South <br />snd,. Irrcliarig, this 9th '-day of Dec'emn%r, A. D. 1929. Gladys M. Monroe, City Clerk. <br />Official Seal =) They report' was -accepted unanimously IV the Council. <br />REPORZ =OF COMMITTEE ON MINUTES. <br />To thi-.'Oommolbj Council of the City of South Band: e <br />: C <br />Cour "Committee on t'he inspection and Supervision of the Minutes, would respectfully <br />repor "t that they `Piave inspected the minutes 'of the previous meeting of the "Council `and found <br />he�m',correct, They therefore reconsmen d that the same be approved. Otto A. &yerr, Geo. F. Hui, <br />Committee,- South' Band,, Ind., Nov. 11th, 1929•. The report was accepted IV the Council,.' <br />REPORT ,OF: THE COMMITTEE OF THE.. 9HOLE, • ' <br />' <br />` T <br />Tao : the Common;• Council of the City of South Band: <br />" Y <br />Your. Committee, of the Whole to' whom was referred An Ordinance amending an Ordinance antitled <br />'. <br />" An Ordinance for the Licensing of Auctioneers and Regulating Auctiosss and Sales=, "` being <br />OrdinanoA' , No`., 1784 , adopted May 10, 1915. Respectfully report that they have examined the, matter <br />and, teat <br />in theair� opinion the said Ordinance should be aA reported unfavorable, Lazarup `Aitfeld, <br />Chairman. 'Zie`- report was accepted 'ly, the C'ouncial: <br />RAFT , ©F: THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. <br />7 <br />To tie Comb Council. of the City of South Band: <br />dour ;Co ttee of the Whole to whom wad 'referred An Ordinance eanonding Ordinanoei fiber <br />I758:'sdopterd Fe truary 22, 1915 and Repealing Section 6 , of Ordinance Number 1784,, adopt ed May <br />5 <br />loth, 'l9,1:50 Respectfully report. that theyt have examined they matter, and that in their opinion <br />the sai.1- Ordinances, should be reported favorable. Lazarus Altfeld, Chairman. The report was <br />soa6pted :I*- t'he Council. <br />KEP(�RT : 00 THE, COI+di+IITTEE OF THE 1NHOLE,. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South' Band: <br />k Y <br />Your ` "Committee of- the Whole to whom was , referred- An Ordinance appropriatIng the sum of Threop. <br />Hur�d�re�d ©�.1€ rs. ( 3Q0.,00) t'rom! the General Fund to the Fund of Off %ce Supplies ix� thca City- <br />C <br />Cl V's Office, Respectfully report that they have examined the matter, and that in their <br />opinjon the said Ordinanoe should be reported favorable. Otto A. Bayer, Acting Chairman. The <br />report was acceapted' W the Council. <br />;An Ordinance amending, an Ordianancer entitled " An Ordinance for the Licensing of Auctioneer . <br />. <br />and,-_N+N+ guiating Auctions and Sales," Bing Ordinance No. 1784, adopted May 10, 1915. <br />The Ordinance was given its third reading ty title, and was Lost I the following vote: <br />Bayer . .Herlso"n. Fe an Whiteman Hull Thornton Hug, Zmudzinski Gall and Witwerr, Ayes 0 NAys 10 <br />