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City of South Bend's <br /> MBE/WBE Utilization Board <br /> Memorandum <br /> To: Office of City Clerk—City of South Bend <br /> From: Anthony Fitts,as President of the MBE/WBE Utilization Board <br /> CC: MBE/WBE Utilization Board Members <br /> Mayor's Office <br /> Common Council <br /> Date: January 18, 2011 <br /> Re: PRELIMINARY MBE/WBE PARTICIPATION REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2011 <br /> Section 14.5-11 of Ordinance No. 10081-11 (Substitute Bill No.86-10, as amended) requires that the MBE/WBE <br /> Utilization Board, in conjunction with the Diversity Compliance Officer,file a report(a MBE/WBE Participation Report) <br /> with the Office of the City Clerk by the third Wednesday of January,which this year is January 18th <br /> This memorandum is intended to report on the progress of the recently formed MBE/WBE Utilization Board (hereinafter <br /> referred to as"MWUB") and,for this year only,to substitute for the aforementioned MBE/WBE Participation Report. <br /> The reason: the MWUB has been in place for only three months prior to the January 18th reporting deadline date, a <br /> Diversity Compliance Officer is not now in place,and our activities and efforts to date have centered around <br /> organization formation and review of the Ordinance. However,following the hiring of a Diversity Compliance Officer, <br /> we commit to work with the Diversity Compliance Office to submit an "interim-year" MBE/WBE Participation Report for <br /> 2012. <br /> The Participation Report required by Ordinance No. 10081-11 is to provide data on all city contracts for the prior <br /> calendar year, as outlined below: <br /> 1. Summary efforts taken to create and promote economic growth opportunities for MBEs/WBEs; <br /> 2. List of certified local MBEs utilized by the city; <br /> 3. List of certified regional MBEs utilized by the city; <br /> 4. List of certified local WBEs utilized by the city; <br /> 5. List of certified regional WBEs utilized by the city; <br /> 6. Total dollar amount of city contracts awarded to certified local MBEs; <br /> 7. Total dollar amount of city contracts awarded to certified local WBEs; <br />