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ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING JANUARY 4, 1971 <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana met in the Council <br />Chambers in the County -City Building, January 4, 1971, at 7:30 p.m. The invocation was given <br />by-Father MattKafka, St. Adalberts Church, South Olive Street, South Bend, Indiana. Mayor Lloyd <br />M. Allen called the meeting to order. <br />The following Councilmen were present: Councilmen -at- Large, Mrs. Janet S. Allen, Fredrick D. <br />Craven and Gerald C. Reinke; First District Councilman, William W. Grounds; Second District <br />Councilman, Walter M. Szymkowiak; Third District Councilman, Robert 0. Laven; Fourth District <br />Councilman, John V. Wise; Sixth District Councilman, Raymond C. Zielinski, and Fifth District <br />Councilman, Albert E. Palmer. - <br />Mayor Allen asked the Council to observe a moment of silent prayer in memory of Mrs. Mildred <br />L. Bickel, mother of City Controller James A. Bickel, and Mrs. Grace Barbe, wife of Associate <br />Director of Redevelopment Department Glenn Barbe, both who passed away recently. <br />Mayor commented on the unique responsibility the Councilmen have as legislators. He said they <br />must not perform in a vacuum but must accept the input from the community and with this respon- <br />sibility is the opportunity to do a service to mankind. He stated they must weigh community <br />contributions and legislate for the improvement of urban affairs because this is where the action <br />is. He pledged his support and whatever'staff the City has available in discharging this respon- <br />sibility in the responsible fashion they have demonstrated in the past. <br />Mayor Allen said the Chair would now state the order of business, which would be nominations <br />for the Office of President and Vice- President of the Council. <br />Mayor Allen entertained a motion for President. Councilman Reinke made a motion, seconded by <br />Councilman Grounds for the nomination of Robert 0. Laven for President. There being no other <br />names for the Office of President and no objections, Councilman Craven moved to close the <br />nominations for President and Councilman Allen seconded the motion. Motion carried. 9 ayes, <br />0 nays, 0 absent. Mayor Allen instructed the Clerk to record a unanimous vote for Robert 0. Laven <br />for President. <br />Mayor Allen entertained a motion for Vice - President. Councilman Palmer presented the name of <br />John V. Wise for Vice - President. There being no other names for the Office of Vice- President <br />and no objections, Councilman Craven moved to close the nominations for Vice- President. Council- <br />man Sz mkowiak seconded the motion., Motion carried. 9 ayes, 0 nays, 0 absent. Mayor Allen i_n- <br />�se ruct�d the Clerk to record a unanimous vote for John V. Wise for Vice- President. <br />Mayor asked if there were any other orders of business. City Clerk, Kathryn L. Blough commented <br />that she was very proud to have been a part of this progressive administration during the past <br />seven years of working together and she heartily endorsed their goals for the year 1971. <br />Council - President Robert 0. Laven read the Goals of the South Bend Common Council for the year <br />1971 as follows: <br />1. To promote and encourage citizen participation, communication with and interest in Civil <br />City government. 0 <br />