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I <br /> Notice of Executive Order 1-2014 <br /> 14. Former Section 2(d)(iii), now Section 3(d)(iii)has been modified. The words <br /> The meeting ... <br /> have been replaced with <br /> The event or gathering ... <br /> 15. In the former section 2(e), now Section 3(e), the words <br /> director of economic development <br /> have been modified to Director of Community Investment. <br /> 16. In former section 2(f),now Section 3(f),the word agency was changed to City. <br /> 17. Former Section 2(g),now Section 3(g),has been changed from: <br /> Gifts off-ee attendance at widely attended gatherings, and food or refreshments served at such <br /> gatherings,provided that the corporation counsel has determined that the attendance is in the best <br /> interest of the agency. <br /> to <br /> Gifts off ee attendance at certain events or gatherings and food or ref eshrnents served at such <br /> events or gatherings,provided that the Corporation Counsel has determined that the attendance is <br /> consistent with the public interest. <br /> 18. Fortner Section 20)(ii)has been separated into two sections, Section 3(h) and Section 3(i). <br /> Section 3(h)now states: <br /> Discounts available to the public or to all City employees; <br /> Section 3(i)now states: <br /> Rewards or prizes connected with competitions open to the general public or open to all persons at <br /> events or gatherings under subparts (e) or (g) above. <br /> In addition, in Section 3(i),the words <br /> ividely attended gatherings under subpart (g) above <br /> have been replaced with <br /> events or gatherings under subparts (d) or (g) above. <br /> 19. In fonner Section 2(h),now Section 30),the words or honorarium have been added. <br /> 20. Former Section 2(k), now Section 4 under the new heading Waiver,was consolidated and simplified <br /> by adding the words and by whom to subpart(ii)and deleting subpart(iii). Subpart(ii)now states: <br /> 3 <br />