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October 28th, 1935 REGULAR MEETING <br />MINUTES - <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana:, met in the <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers of-the City Hall, Monday evening October, 1935, at <br />the hour of 7:40 P. M. All members were present except Councilman James and Councilman Chambers <br />President Hull presided. Councilman Goetz moved that the rending of the minutes of the lest <br />meeting be•dispensed with. Councilmen Fish seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />COMMUNICATION: <br />UNITED STATES CONFERENCE`OF MAYORS <br />CHICAGO <br />October 19, 1935 <br />To: The City Clerk <br />Dear Sir: <br />The Executive Committee of the United States Conference of Mayors directs me to forward <br />to you, for presentation•to the Council at its next meeting, the attached invitation. <br />Thanking you kindly, I am <br />Faithfully yours, <br />Paul V. Betters <br />Executive Director <br />UNITED STATES CONFERENCE OF MAYORS <br />. CHICAGO <br />October 19, 1935 <br />To The Caz nc it <br />The Annual Conference of the United States Conference of Mayors will be held November 1� =20 <br />in 19pshington, D. C. All Council members are cordially invited to attend and participate in <br />this import2nt meeting. <br />Among the subjects to be considered arer: Law Enforcement, Federal W.P.A. and P.W.A. pro- <br />grams, Old-age Pensions,unicip2l Finance, Public Safety, (including Fire Prevention and Traffic <br />Safety) Tax Revision, et cetera. The list of speskers includes, Harry L. Hopkins, W.P.A. <br />Administrator; Henry Morgenth2u, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury; Homer S. Cunmings, Attorney - <br />General; Secretary of Labor Perkins, as well as other city and federal officials. It is ex- <br />pected that the President will receive all official delegates on Tuesday, November 19, at the <br />White House. <br />This year's Conference promises to be one of the most valuable meetings on municipal pro- <br />blems ever held. We invite you to co- operate in solving many of the common and mutual problems <br />facing the larger cities of the country. <br />Daniel W. Hoan, Mayor of Milwaukee <br />F. H. LaGuardia, Mayor of New York <br />Angelo J. Rossi, Mayor of San Francisco <br />Oscar F. Holcombe, Mayor of Houston <br />Frederick W. Mansfield, Mayor of Boston <br />Howard: W. Jackson, Mayor of Baltimore <br />Watkins Overton, Mayor of Memphis <br />Executive Committee, United States Conference <br />of Mayors <br />The Communication w €s accepted and Councilm ^n Fish moved that it be placed on file. Councilmen <br />Rasmussen seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />REPORT OF CITY CLERK'S CERTIFICATE OF PROOF OF'POSTING OF NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. <br />In the matter determining additional appropriations for funds to purchase a Studebaker <br />Big Chief Tr =ctor and Fire equipment. And the Transferring of monies in Union Trust Comrnny <br />Savings Accounts held by the South Bend Municipal City; Water Works Meter Fund to the General <br />Fund of the Municipal City of South Bend, and authorizing the transfer to the Cit -*tens Trust <br />end Savings Bank for payment of an obligation due said Trustees by the City of South Bend, Ind. <br />(CONTINUED ON PAGE 333) <br />P <br />C. <br />0 <br />46.1 <br />