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RESOLUTION: <br />RESOLUTIC'.Y FOR SALE OF P-RS,-,.-AL PROPERTY <br />WInereas the Bo�id of Pliblic Wor,%,p pnd Orfet-,,.-, of the Cit-,. of <br />-n-orted. to trip Co-.-mcil thpt it C'esi-res for the s^Ie of <br />I belon-Frinm to the srid City, w-1-A-ch rro^ert�,,- is situr-ted. on lots 19 <br />tior, Ind hps requested thiq Cr%uncil to netiti= the Jud� - ,-e of St <br />PT)-noint r-morpisers to P-o-orpise P^io ners -)ro-ert-v. <br />South Bend, has re- <br />certpin nerscnc-1 nror�erty <br />Prd- 20 it •'s Pyd. Ar9di- <br />Josenh lircuit Court to <br />b the Co-..-,,,• -.on Co -,ncil of the Cit- of So,'),th Bend ir(�i rnp <br />70-r, therefore, -,e it resolved b7 <br />thpt the Judpre of the St. Jope,)I. C-1,,.)rt be r-n-(', is herebv i-ecues +erj to ortroint tl,ree <br />disinterested ', <br />free--old.ers of city to to r rl e p - <br />of the o- erty described it the <br />of t-,is resolution. <br />list or exhibit hereto Pttpche(f.. end --o'e �� -0�-�Tu -1- <br />Adopted t, is 3rd dev of Se-oteTber, 1-033 <br />Geo. ',,7 Goetz <br />. <br />OF T77 CO"701Y CCITITCIL <br />J- <br />LIST C P77�S� -.1kTAL PRCP7'R1TY <br />C' 3E POKAGOIN ST--'--r-.,T <br />(for Y. Strep- <br />At 112 W. Pokr.gon Street: <br />two story brick veneer <br />six roo i c5i7ell-7_ng', lrit'h <br />two c-r frpnie gprn-ve Pt <br />At 116 'vi. Pok= -g•-.n Street: <br />t (U.S.#5I-) Orei-AnO <br />th <br />r er, r <br />(Est per A. Kruep;er) <br />Two story fr7-• ,;.ie <br />six roo--.-r, dl-elling;, wit'--- -opth <br />t,-.-o c-r frt---e <br />7t re ,-r <br />(Core STindler, et,-I) <br />On '-Toti�7,n of Council,-mrn Ch tubers the Resoluti-r! Ir'-s Fdo-pted. 9 to 0. <br />On 11oti-r, of Cojncil--m;,r- t'le Co--Jncil rd'-jour--ned ft 7:55 o'clock P. Potion cprried. <br />ATTEST <br />CLT-Rr- <br />APPROVED <br />