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.... .... SPECf.AL MEETING <br />August 5th, 1935 <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />Special Session in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Monday evening August 5th2 1935 <br />at the hour of 9 :35 o'clock P.M. All members present. President Hull presided. <br />STATE OF INDIANA CALL FOR SPECIAL MEETING <br />ST. JOSEPH COUNTY SS: OF <br />CITY OF SOUTH BEND COMMON COUNCIL <br />To the Members of the Common Council <br />of the City of South Bend., Indiana : <br />You are hereby notified that under and by virtue of the authority by law vested in me <br />as Mayor of the City of South Bend, of the State of Indiana, a special meeting of the <br />Common Council of said City is hereby called to be held at the hour of 7 :30 o'clock P. M., <br />or as soon thereafter as convenient, on Monday evening August 5th, 1935, in the Council <br />Chambers in said City, for the purpose of considering the Budget for the Fiscal year be- <br />ginning January 1st, 1936 and ending December 31st, 1936 and also the Tax Levy for the <br />year 1936, and the following ordinances , towit <br />"An Ordinance appropriating monies for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the <br />several departments of the City of South Bend, Indiana, for the fiscal year beginn- <br />ing January lst, 1936, and ending December 31st, 1936, including all contractual <br />obligations and fixing a time when the same shall take effect." <br />"An.Ordinance Fixing the Tax Levy for the year 1936 for the Municipal Civil City <br />of South Bend, Indiana." <br />Dated this 2nd day of August,A. D. 1935- <br />Countersigned: <br />Irene Vargo <br />Deputy City Clerk <br />George w-. Freyermuth <br />Mayor of the City of South Bend, Indiana <br />( Official Seal ) <br />The within call came to hand this 2nd day of August, A. D. 1935 which <br />reading the same to each councilman, upon the date designated as follows: <br />William-S• James On August 2, 1935 <br />last and usual place of residence of such <br />and by leaving a certified copy thereof at the <br />members as I was unable to find, as follows: <br />George F.,Hull <br />George W. Goetz <br />William Bierwagen <br />Fred G. Kerner <br />Howard L. Chambers <br />Dr. 'Max J. Palicki <br />` Guy A. Fish <br />William E. Rasmussen <br />Dated this of August, 1935 <br />I served by <br />On <br />August <br />2, <br />1935 <br />On <br />August <br />?, <br />1935 <br />On <br />August <br />2-,, <br />1935 <br />On <br />August <br />2, <br />1935 <br />On <br />August <br />2, <br />1935 <br />On <br />August <br />2, <br />1935 <br />On <br />August <br />2, <br />1935 <br />On <br />August <br />2, <br />1935 <br />Officers Hansen and Miller <br />Members, South Bend Police Dept. <br />The Report of the Call for Special meeting of the Council was.accepted by the Council and <br />ordered to be placed on file. Motion Carried. <br />MESSAGE OF THE MAYOR TO THE COMMON.COUNGIL <br />The Common Council <br />City of South Bend, <br />South Bend, Indiana <br />Gentlemen, <br />August 5, 1935 <br />We herewith hand you the Ordinance appropriating monies for the purpose of defraying the <br />expenses of the several departments of the City of South Bend for the year 1936. This is <br />for your study and consideration. <br />( Continued on page 31 <br />