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April 8th, 1935 Regular Meeting <br />MINUTES <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers of the <br />at the hour of 7:40 o'clock P. M. All Members <br />The Minutes of the previous meeting <br />as read. Motion carried. <br />PETITION: <br />Asking the abatement of a Nuisance. <br />of the City.of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />CityHall, Monday evening April 8th, 1935 <br />present: President Hull presided. <br />and.on Motion of Councilman Hull were accepted <br />0 <br />We, the undersigned property owners end residents on North Scott Street Pnd territory <br />adjacent theretcS respectfully petition the City Council of South Bend, Indiana, to enact <br />legls�ation that will prevent the Fetterling Trucking Company, because of the nature of <br />its business, from annoying said residents end causing injury in the following manner._ <br />Trucks entering and leaving the premises of--said Fetterling Trucking Comp^ny Pt its <br />place of business in the Five Hundred Block (500) on North Scott Street Pre operated by <br />the drivers at ell hours of the night, when people who work need sleep, with open mufflers <br />at times arousing; everyone. Also circling the entire block with engines so xxxtxxxxtxkiixk <br />k xxfftz xbtxxkxdxxXxpxxktxgxxfxkxxxkaxfmxxkoxxx xtmM8rmxtxmfxxRx ±dgxzmxxxixxxalExxaxzxxikx <br />xxxtxmfxkxxzkxdxtxxxxxxxf. ximxdxkxtkix,wxxx2lxxkmxiixgxxtx &iixkxxxsxmfxtkxxxigktxkx loudly <br />operated as to be deafening; the blodking of the right of way as to establish traffic <br />blockPdes; parking of trucks for hours in front of residences; impudence on the p?rt of <br />truck drivers and loud talking end shouting at all hours of the night by employes and <br />drivers; breaking down of curbinb and through these Pots lowering_ the vPlue of property <br />and making this section less desirable as a plaice of residence. We therefore prey as a <br />matter of right end. just -ice that we as residents and property owners be given relief: <br />John <br />N. Frank <br />Mrs <br />Maude Huston <br />Chas. <br />B. Eddy <br />Mrs <br />Lillian Stranz <br />Pete <br />Rotruck <br />Mrs <br />Thomas Williams <br />J. W. <br />Wiii <br />Mrs <br />Edwin Balf <br />i <br />J. H. <br />McKnight <br />George <br />Frank <br />J. P. <br />Williams <br />Core <br />M. Hermon <br />Chas. <br />Jodon <br />Theresie <br />R. Walter <br />Mary <br />Livengood <br />Mrs <br />R. U. Miller <br />Lovess Chamberlain <br />Mrs <br />O. V. Hipskind <br />Chas. <br />P. Keller <br />Mrs <br />B. Turner <br />Chas. <br />P. Luxton <br />Mrs <br />S. 0. Hoffmastos <br />J. C. <br />Laulen <br />W. <br />0. BrPndenburg �x <br />On Motion of Councilman Goetz the Petition was referred to the Committee of the W4ole, with <br />Board of Safety and the City Attorney t©'.be present at meeting, Plso a few who had.signed the <br />Petition. Motion carried. <br />REPORT OF THE CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY <br />Balance on HPnd. First of Month ............................. ...................164,9 2.69 <br />BPlPnce JPnuary 31, 1935..... ... ...........173�P5.78 <br />Respectfully Submitted, Fred�?loodward, City Controller.,. The Report was Pccepted Pnd ordered <br />to be x)leced on file. Motion carried. <br />REPORT OF THE CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY; 1935, <br />Balance on Hand First of Month ................_... .... ... .....................173,8 -5.78 <br />Bal2nce February 28, 1935 .................... .. ... .... .108,970.76 <br />Respectfully Submitted, Fred Woodw?rd1 City Controller. Oh:,Motion of Councilmen, Chambers <br />the Reports were accepted end ordered to be p1tced on file. Motion carried. <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br />An Ordinance appropriating_ the sum of $450.00 for the purpose; of ppying for an extra Clerk <br />in the Controller's Office Pnd the further sum of $4,500.00 for the purpose of satisfying a <br />Judgment in the Marshall Circuit Court against the City of South Bend in favor of the Reith- <br />Riley Construction Company. <br />The Ordinance was given its first reading by title, its second reeding in full and on <br />Motion of Councilman Goetz was rederred'to the Committee of the Whole, also that P Public <br />Hearing be held April 22nd, 1935 Pt 7:30 61 clock P. M. Motion Carried. <br />011- <br />