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SPECIAL MEETING JUNE 17, 1971 <br />SPECIAL MEETING (Continued) <br />4. That it is the sense of this body (a) that a feasible method for the relocation <br />of individuals and families displaced from the Urban Renewal Area, in conformity with Title I, <br />can be prepared, and (b) that the local grants -in -aid can and will be provided in an amount <br />which will be not less than one -third of the Net Project Cost of the Project and which together <br />with the Federal capital grant, will be generally equal to the difference between Gross Project <br />Cost and proceeds or value of project land sold, leased, or retained for use in accordance with <br />the urban renewal plan. <br />5. That the filing of an application by the City of South Bend, Department of Rede- <br />velopment for an advance of funds from the United States of America to enable it to defray <br />the cost of the surveys and plans for an urban renewal project in the proposed Urban Renewal <br />Area described above is hereby approved. <br />/s/ Robert 0. Laven <br />A Member of the Common Council of the <br />City of -South Bend, Indiana. <br />A public hearing on the resolution was heard at this time. The City is authorized to apply <br />for federal funds in the amount of $412,000 to plan the first urban renewal project in the <br />Model Cities area. Mr. Michael Obringer, senior planner for the Model Cities program, stated <br />the funds would be for preparatory land use, property appraisals and financial study. The <br />planning period for the area in the northwest section of the City would take about one and <br />one -half years and the plans would then be submitted to HUD for another review. Councilmen <br />Allen and Laven both expressed disappointment that there was no one present at this meeting <br />which was intentionally thus planned to accommodate those of the neighborhood. <br />Councilman Grounds made a motion, seconded by Councilman Craven, for the adoption of the <br />resolution. Motion carried by a roll call vote of 7 ayes (Councilmen Allen, Laven, Craven, <br />Grounds, Wise, Reinke and Szymkowiak) 0 nays 2 absent (Councilmen Palmer and Zielinski) <br />There being no further business to come before tYe!Council, Councilman Reinke made a motion, <br />seconded by Councilman Wise, for adjournment. Motion carried. Time: 8:15 P. M. <br />ATTEST: <br />ADJOURNMENT: <br />, 1�9a� <br />PRESIDENT <br />