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REGULAR MEETING MAY 24, 1971 <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the Council <br />Chambers in the County City Building on Monday, May 24, 1971 at 8:15 P.M. The meeting was called <br />to order by Council President Robert O. Laven. The invocation was given by Reverend J. Robert <br />Clark, Grace United Methodist Church, 3012 So. Twyckenham Drive, South Bend, Indiana. <br />ROLL CALL <br />PRESENT: Councilmen Laven, Allen, Reinke, Craven, Grounds, <br />Szymkowiak, Palmer and Zielinski <br />ABSENT: Councilman Wise <br />RESOLVE INTO THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE <br />Council President Laven entertained a motion to resolve the Council into the Committee of the <br />Whole on the state of the City to consider the items listed on the agenda for the consideration <br />of the Committee of the Whole. Councilman Craven so moved and Councilman Allen seconded the <br />motion. Motion carried. Time: 8:20 P.M. <br />COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE MEETING <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the Council <br />Chambers of the County City Building on Monday, May 24, 1971, at 8:21 P. M. The meeting was <br />called to order by Chairman William Grounds, who presided. <br />ORDINANCE <br />AN ORDINANCE FOR TRANSFER OF FUNDS IN THE AMOUNT <br />OF $12,500.00 FROM "SERVICES PERSONAL" TO "SERVICES <br />CONTRACTUAL" IN THE BUDGET OF THE OFFICE OF CITY <br />CLERK, ALL BEING WITHIN THE GENERAL FUND <br />This being the time heretofore set for public hearing on the above ordinance, proponents and <br />opponents were given an opportunity to be heard thereon. The Council authorized the transfer <br />of $12,500.00 in the budget of City Clerk, Kathryn L. Blough, from "Services Contractual" to <br />provide for the recodification and printing of the City's Ordinances. City Attorney Shepherd <br />Crumpacker explained the book was last brought up to date in 1967. Dozens of ordinances have <br />since been passed and the general public is not able to find them; copies are not readily avail- <br />able. Estimates have been secured for the cost of the recodification and reindexing of these <br />obsolete ordinances that are no longer constitutional. The current price for printing alone <br />will run 10 to 15 dollars per page; 600 pages would be 6 to 9 thousand dollars for printing alone, <br />without recodification. The National Institute of Municipal Law Officers, Washington, D.C. has <br />set up a special program of codifying municipal codes in which they were aided initially by a <br />grant from the Ford Foundation and later on have been helped by Model City funds in a number of <br />cities. Funds for this purpose are available as surplus because of the termination of City Court, <br />resulting in the reduction of personnel in the City Clerk's office. Miss Virginia Guthrie, ex- <br />ecutive secretary of the Civic Planning Association expressed appreciation of the City Clerk's <br />giving of the excess funds and inquired if the amount of $12,500.00 would cover the total cost <br />and how many copies were anticipated. Mr. Crumpacker replied that the amount would be sufficient <br />for 200 copies and thought they could be offered for sale. Mr. Roman J. Kowalski, 802 Birchway, <br />South Bend, inquired if this work could be done locally. Mr. Crumpacker replied that it is <br />a specialized field that requires specialists. He knows no one in this vicinity except himself ani <br />Jay Nimtz, Attorney who might be qualified. However, he could it because of his other <br />duties and also funds for recodification are not in the present budget. City Attorney Crumpacker <br />answered various questions from the councilmen. <br />Councilman Allen made a motion, seconded by Councilman Zielinski that the ordinance go to the <br />Council as favorable. Motion carried. 8 ayes, 0 nayes, 1 absent (Councilman Wise) <br />ORDINANCE <br />AN ORDINANCE FOR AN ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATION IN <br />THE AMOUNT OF $22,800.00 FROM ACCOUNT XX -261, <br />"OTHER CONTRACTUAL SERVICES ", TO THE FOLLOWING <br />ACCOUNTS, ACCOUNT XX -12 "TEMPORARY HELP" $20,000.00, <br />ACCOUNT XX -215 "TRANSPORTATION ALLOWANCE ", $550.00, <br />ACCOUNT XX -37 "OTHER SUPPLIES ", $500.00 AND ACCOUNT <br />XX -722 "MOTOR EQUIPMENT ", $1,750.00, IN THE SANITATION <br />DEPARTMENT, ALL BEING WITHIN THE GENERAL FUND <br />This being the time heretofore set for public hearing on the above ordinance, proponents and <br />opponents were given an opportunity to be heard thereon. City Engineer Lloyd S. Taylor explained <br />the funds trans fer is an attempt to try to alleviate the pressing problems in the area one of <br />which is a rat problem that we had not had in the past. Under the control of the Board of Pub- <br />lic Works and Safety, there would be a summer trash program set up with 3 or 4 teams consisting <br />of one inspector - supervisor, one truck driver, one laborer and 4 youths. The inspector- supervisor <br />using his own transportation and paid mileage will tour his assigned area of the city to identify <br />problem areas of trash accumulation such as viaducts, railroad right -of -ways, vacant lots, streets <br />and alleys, and residences that do not have trash pickup. Those residents will be given a warn- <br />ing ticket with 7 days to comply and if not obeyed, will be given a citation carrying a $5.00 <br />fine. Miss Virginia Guthrie, executive secretary of the Civic Planning Association inquired if <br />this would encourage people not to have,their trash picked up. Mr. Taylor replied that he did <br />not think so, that undoubtedly those people could not afford to pay for trash pickup. Mrs. F. S. <br />Wlodarski, 1869 Riverside Drive, South Bend, objected because she felt that since she pays for <br />her trash to be picked up, she would be paying double and suggested that perhaps along the rail- <br />roads, it should be the railroad's responsibility. Councilman Grounds stated that although there <br />has been trash dumped along the roads, there has not been one case filed concerning citizen's in- <br />volvement, that it is necessary to go down and file a warrant and it is not good enough to call <br />a policeman. Mrs. Faith Martin, 336 Birchway, South Bend, asked what brought about this condition <br />that did not exist before? Mr. Taylor replied.that it was probably the new no burning ordinance <br />and even though a summer program would not lick the problem, it would be better than nothing. 1. <br />Mr. F. <br />