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REGULAR MEETING JUNE 12, 1978 <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend met in the Council Chambers of <br />the County -City Building on Monday, June 12, 1978, at 7:06 p.m. Council President Parent presidin . <br />The meeting was called to order, and the Pledge to the Flag was given. <br />ROLL CALL PRESENT: Council Members Serge, Szymkowiak, Miller, Taylor, <br />Kopczynski, Adams, Dombrowski, Horvath and Parent <br />ABSENT: None <br />REPORT FROM THE SUB - COMMITTEE ON MINUTES <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: <br />You sub - committee on the inspection and supervision of the minutes would respectfully report <br />that it has inspected the minutes of the May 22, 1978, meeting of the Council and found them cor- <br />rect. <br />The sub - committee, therefore, recommends that the same be approved. <br />/S /Roger 0. Parent <br />/s /Mary Christine Adams <br />REPORT OF CITY OFFICES <br />Mr. John Stancati, Utilities Director, responded to the Civic Planning Association's charges of <br />inefficiency in the Water Works. Mr. Mike Lawrence, Teamsters Local 365, spoke against the Civic <br />Planning report. Mr. Ernest Streich, employee of the Water Works, spoke on behalf of the employee <br />of the Water Works. Ms. Karen Gleason, Executive Director of Civic Planning, indicated they had <br />no argument with the employees of the Water Works, and that the.!problem was with the administration <br />that did not require them to work harder. <br />Council Member Adams made a motion to resolve into the Committee of the Whole, seconded by Council <br />Member Miller. The motion carried. <br />COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE <br />Be it remembered <br />Whole on Monday, <br />presiding. <br />BILL NO. 75 -78 <br />that the Common Council of the City of South Bend met in the Committee of the <br />June 22, 1978, at 7:20 p.m., with nine members present'. Chairman Frank Horvath <br />A BILL AUTHORIZING THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND, TO ISSUE ITS "ECONOMIC <br />DEVELOPMENT FIRST MORTGAGE REVENUE BONDS, SERIES 1978 (ROBERT J. <br />BASNEY AND ANN E BASNEY PROJECT)" AND APPROVING OTHER ACTIONS IN <br />RESPECT THERETO. <br />This being the time heretofore set for public hearing on the above bill, proponents and opponents <br />were given an opportunity to be heard. Mr. Kenneth Fedder, attorney for the Economic Development <br />Commission, made the presentation for the bill. He asked that this bill be amended from the title <br />down'. Council President Parent made a motion to amend this bill, seconded by Council Member Adams <br />The motion carried. He indicated this $1,850,000.00 bond issue would be used to purchase a tract <br />of land, and construct a building for a car dealership. He said fourteen new jobs would be create <br />He indicated that Mr. Basney was in the Chambers. Council Member Adams made a motion to recommend <br />this bill to the Council favorable, as amended, seconded by Council Member Dombrowski. The motion <br />carried. <br />