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REGULAR MEETING <br />APRIL 8, 1985 <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend met in the <br />Council Chambers of the County -City Building on Monday, April 8, at 7:00 p.m. The <br />meeting was called to order and the Pledge to the Flag was given. <br />ROLL CALL Present: Council Members Serge, Braboy, Puzzello, <br />Taylor, Zakrzewski, Crone, Paszek, Voorde and <br />Beck <br />Absent: None <br />REPORT FROM THE SUB - COMMITTEE ON MINUTES <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: <br />Your sub - committee on the inspection and supervision of the minutes would <br />respectfully report that it has inspected the minutes of the March 25, meeting of <br />the Council and found them correct. <br />The sub - committee, therefore, recommends that the same be approved. <br />Beverlie J. Beck <br />Ann Puzzello <br />Thomas Zakrzewski <br />Council Member Serge made a motion that the minutes of the March 25, meeting of the <br />Council be accepted and placed on file, seconded by Council Member Puzzello. The <br />motion carried. <br />SPECIAL BUSINESS <br />Council President Beck announced that the last meeting in May will be held May 28. <br />RESOLUTION 1272 -85 A RESOLUTION OF THE COMMON COUNCIL OF SOUTH BEND, <br />INDIANA, HONORING SEVEN (7) ADAMS HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS <br />AND ADMINISTRATORS FOR THEIR DEDICATION TO EXCELLENCE <br />IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION. <br />WHEREAS, the South Bend Common Council recognizes that on March 28, 1985, a <br />special recognition dinner entitled "Adams: A Tradition in Excellence" was held; and <br />WHEREAS, the Council further recognizes that the establishment of the "Hall of <br />Recognition" was announced at that time; and <br />WHEREAS, the Council wishes to publicly acknowledge the seven (7) individuals <br />who have dedicated their lives to educational excellence, namely: ERNEST LITWEILER, <br />PAULETTE CWIDAK, NEVIN LONGNECKER, JACK GOODMAN, SUSAN GANSER, ED SZUCS, and MORRIS <br />"MOE" ARONSON. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Common Council of the City of South Bend, <br />Indiana, as follows: <br />SECTION I. On behalf of all the citizens of South Bend, Indiana, the Common <br />Council wishes to publicly congratulate seven (7) individuals from Adams High School <br />for their outstanding leadership and ability in the field of education, namely: <br />(1) ERNEST LITWEILDER - Regional Teacher of the Year in 1961 and <br />Indiana's Outstanding Biology Teacher of <br />1960. <br />(2) PAULETTE CWIDAK - State of Indiana Teacher of the Year in <br />1985 and South Bend Teacher of the Year in <br />1984. <br />(3) NEVIN LONGNECKER- Regional Science Teacher of the Year in <br />1984, and recipient of the Presidential <br />Award for Indiana in 1984, and Indiana's <br />Outstanding Science Teacher in 1982, 1983, <br />1984. <br />(4) JACK GOODMAN - South Bend Teacher of the Year for 1983 -84 <br />and runnerup for the State of Indiana. <br />(5) SUSAN GANSER - Indiana Volleyball Coach of the Year in <br />1983 and Regional Volleyball Coach of the <br />Year in 1984. <br />(6) ED SZUCS - Regional Athletic Director of the Year in <br />1982 and inducted into the Indiana <br />Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1985. <br />(7) MORRIS "MOE" ARONSON - Inducted into the Indiana Wrestling <br />Hall of Fame in 1968. <br />SECTION II. This Resolution shall be in full force and effect for and after its <br />adoption by the Common Council and approval by the Mayor. <br />/s/ Joseph T. Serge /s/ Ann B. Puzzello <br />Member of the Common Council Member of the Common Council <br />