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Original Final Outstanding <br />Par Amount Maturity Amount <br />Tax Supported Debt (Cont'd.) <br />Redevelopment District <br />Special Taxing District Refunding Bonds of 2014 3,440,000 01/01/22 2,210,000 <br />Taxable Revenue Bonds, Series 2010 4,980,000 01/15/19 1,340,000 <br />City of South Bend Building Corporation <br />First Mortgage Revenue Bonds, Series 2013 5,580,000 02/01/33 4,920,000 <br />First Mortgage Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2012 13,595,000 02/01/23 8,265,000 <br />County Option Income Tax Lease Rental Revenue <br /> Refunding Bonds of 2010 6,075,000 02/01/21 2,470,000 <br />Leases and Loans 13,048,082 <br />Subtotal 119,608,393 <br />Total Direct Debt $220,791,335 <br />Percent Amount <br />Allocable to Allocable to <br />Overlapping Debt Total Debt City (2)City <br />Tax Supported Debt <br />$30,465,000 28.17% $8,581,991 <br />114,089,291 52.85% 60,296,190 <br />36,675,073 2.68% 982,892 <br />Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library 2,475,000 2.19% 54,203 <br />St. Joseph County Public Library 4,015,000 49.51% 1,987,827 <br />12,080,000 28.17% 3,402,936 <br />Tax Supported Debt 75,306,039 <br /> Self-Supporting Revenue Debt <br />875,000 62.41% 546,088 <br />Self-Supporting Revenue Debt 546,088 <br />Total Overlapping Debt $75,852,127 <br />3 <br />Based upon the 2016 payable 2017 net assessed valuation of the respective taxing units.(2) <br />St. Joseph County (3) <br />(3) <br />The schedule presented above is based on information furnished by the obligors or other sources and is deemed reliable. <br />The City makes no representation or warranty as to its accuracy or completeness. <br />On December 30, 2014, the City of South Bend's Mayor, as the executive of the City, designated a portion of the <br />City's distributive share of County Economic Development Income Tax to St. Joseph County (the "County"), <br />pursuant to IC 6-3.5-7-15, in such amount as necessary to pay the annual debt service of 29.03% of the County's <br />Economic Development Income Tax Revenue Bonds of 2014 ("County Bonds"), as long as these County Bonds <br />remain outstanding. The principal balance outstanding attributable to the City was $2,386,508 as of December 31, <br />2016, as the City prepaid some of the outstanding principal amount. <br />CITY OF SOUTH BEND <br />South Bend Public Transportation <br />South Bend Community School Corporation <br />SCHEDULE OF INDEBTEDNESS <br />(Cont'd) <br />Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation <br />St. Joseph County Airport Authority