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The South Bend Common Council <br />NEWS RELEASE March 2Q, 2009, 8:30 a.~n. ,R <br />ls~ Ever State of the Couneal Address <br />Contact.• Derek D. Dieter, Council President 532-220 or 235-5982 <br />~`he youth ~~~ Ca~n~nan Caur~cil mill make history next Monday when it presents the l ~~ ever "State <br />of the Council" Address. ~ of the nine ~~~ Council Members ~rili present their views and opinions <br />on the fiscal stability of our city and their foals and visions frarrl a C~uneil perspective. <br />These individual legislative perspectives mill corrlplin~ent the Council's theme far this year of <br />pron~ating ~~a~spa~er~c~ ~d cor~~u~ica~i~~ in local government, aeh Council Nien~ber mill address <br />the public frarn their individual position as a district ar ~.t urge Council Member, as ~veli as from <br />their position as a Chairperson of a Council Committee. <br />each Council Member is l~eenly aware of the Council's Mission taternent, which is not just a <br />sentence an a piece of paper, but rather a ~~~~ ~o ~t~~. The Council strongly believes that as <br />individual Council Members, d cpliectively} as the legislative bral~ch of cur city, that ~e must ~ar~ <br />together: <br />"~'~ make ce~~ain ~~a~ ~~r 'icy o~e~n~~e~~ i~ a~u~ay~ res~~~si~e ~o ~e ~te~~s of oar <br />~~s~den~~s a~~ ~~~~ the ~e~~e~~ne~~ ~f 'o~~ fiend ~s ~~~ay~ o~~ ~iest~~ior~t~" <br />The Can~n~on Council has held three ~~ Council Sun~~nits sa far this year. each of these internal ~rork <br />sessions has focused on many key topics such as: <br />~ ~~blic sa~e~y as tie t~ priority in the City of ~~~ ~~nd <br />~ Fiscal responsibility and acco~n~a~bili~y in ail city funding sonrc~s and sendin <br />~ ~rioriting pity reso~rces to address citizen needs <br />Monday's address to the public mill provide a unique opportunity to hear each of the Council Members <br />concerns, and their vision to nuke our City the best that it can be. <br />~n behalf of the Canon Council, l urge the public to came out next Monday and hear firtWhand <br />from the legislative branch of the City of South fiend, <br />_3~_ <br />