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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> South Bend Common Council <br />NEWS RELEASE <br />February 26 , 2009, 12 Noon <br /> <br /> <br />New Tech High School Project <br /> <br />Contact: Derek D. Dieter, Council President 532-2200 or 235-5982 <br />th <br /> Dr. David Varner, 5 District Council Member 360-6650 <br /> <br />On February 10, 2009, a New Release was issued regarding the lack of any details being shared with the <br />South Bend Common Council on a proposed New Tech High School. That News Release followed a meeting <br />of the School Board where the news media report that the Board voted to “…move toward the <br />implementation of the new tech program for the fall of 2009”. The School Board’s motion was further <br />“contingent upon outside financial sources…to fund the first year expenses of $2,754,240”. As a result, the <br />Council’s Information and Technology Committee called a public meeting on February 12th, which was the <br />earliest that a committee meeting could be called under the Indiana Open Door Law. South Bend Community <br />School Superintendent James M. Kapsa presented preliminary information at that time. We believe that this <br />st <br />was a good 1 step, but far more public discussion is needed before the concept is pursued further. <br /> <br />Since no additional discussions or information have been shared with the South Bend Common Council, we <br />are sponsoring a Resolution calling for a public meeting with the Council, the Redevelopment Commission, <br />representatives of the South Bend Community School Corporation and other interested parties on the <br />proposed New Tech High School. We are asking all Council Members to join us in support of this <br />Resolution. We are recommending that the Resolution be referred to the Community and Economic <br />Development Committee for review and recommendation. This Council Committee is chaired by Council <br />Member At Large Timothy A. Rouse. <br /> <br />We believe that a meeting with all parties having the opportunity to be present is not only necessary, but <br />critical, if the new tech concept is to be successful in our community. <br /> <br />Innovative and proven measures to increase high school graduation rates are a must. However, if <br />public/private partnerships are required for this concept to take off in South Bend, all parties should be <br />willing to be forthright with critical information. This is especially true when the very existence of such a <br />program requires considerable outside funding in order for the South Bend Board of School Trustees to <br />move forward. It appears that the School Corporation is counting on more than a one-time gift of money <br />from the City of South Bend. In light of monetary shortfalls projected for all public entities, as a result of <br />HEA 1001, all dollars, including TIF dollars, must be carefully reviewed. The South Bend Common Council <br />is committed to transparency and communication, and believes that adherence to these goals are needed in <br />order to assure that key city priorities and objectives are being addressed. Many valuable public services are <br />actively competing for dwindling tax dollars such as police and fire services, crossing guards, streets—just to <br />name a few. We look forward to the upcoming public dialogue. <br /> <br />-30- <br /> <br />