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,~~~4~~~I~?,I~fr <br />l f ~~ ~ <br />,~ ~ <br />~~~~~~~~f ~~~ <br />~- ~ ~~ <br />~~ <br />.~8~5 <br />D~~e , D~tr <br />~'res~d~~r <br />C~~~~e~~ . Davis <br />~~~~~'res~den~ <br />h~~pe~s~~., an~~nie <br />o ~~e ~~~e <br />D~~~~ ~. ~ ~et~r <br />F~~s~ D~s~~ic~ <br />~~~.~~ Davis, ~r. <br />eco~d D~st~~t <br />~'har~as ~a~'oun~ai~~ <br />~'hi~d D~srr~cr <br />A~~ ~~rz~,~~~o <br />~~u~t~. Dis~r~~~ <br />City of South end <br />Common Council <br />4 ~ ~u~ty-its ~uidi~g ~ 2~'7 ~, ,e~ers~~. ~~~. <br />~~th ~~~, ~~,d~a~a ~0 ~~ ~ ~~ <br />~ ~ ~'orectc <br />Data; February ~~9 <br />~`ran~: Council president Derek D. Dieter <br />~7~} ~~2~ <br /> <br />Contact: 3~-~24a <br />n February 5~~ and ~ ~~~ the South fiend oon auncil v~ill be holding its ~~rst of .any <br />retreat sessions in ~~~ called by Council president Dercl~ ~, Dieter, the purposes of thaw <br />sessions are to share infarrntian among Council ~en~bcrs for the upcoming year with a very <br />strong emphasis on the budget and public safety. <br />~'hcse v~ork sesior~s provide tl~e ~auncil with the oppounity to have open and honest <br />dialogue an matters facing the pity off' South fiend. these brainstorming sessions will f~nther <br />allover the Council to have detailed debate a~~ topics hieh need further deiiberatia,n in order <br />to provide the citizens of auth fiend with the best level of services. Regular council <br />meetings do not afford the necessary tune to debate such issues and ~'acus on setting fey <br />priorities, therefore these retreat sessions have been called <br />1 have incorporated the philosophy in ~~~~ of past ouncii president Waxen ~. Mite as our <br />Da~r~d ~r~.~r f pica i ~ and ~~a~n,s ar~n . This Ives ro er focus to the <br />~~fr~ irr~cr theame far this year a e~~~ ~ o ~ ,~ g p p <br />South fiend on~n~on ouncii's iVli~sion Statement ~hicl~ is: <br />~~iver ~. Dads <br />i~rh Dts~r~~r ~~'a Mahe ce~tan that our ~~y avernn~ent is ~~s ~~pnnlvc <br />to ~~~ nods of our ~resldets that the bcte~ent of oth fiend <br />~ "~udd~r" ir~irs i~ a~~v~~s ~~~ hihcst p~~o~i~~~ <br />~~ tJa~~e <br />~'he topics which the Council v~ill faces an at its February S~ retreat session axe public <br />~~~o~hy ~. QUSe safet the bud et. <br />~r ~arg~ y g <br />.~~ ~. ~ir~ included in the budget is the Council's concern that for the past five ~5}years the citizens of <br />.~ ~,ar~ South bend have had to pay aver ~l~ million dollars on interest alone far taking out loans <br />because of delayed tai billings. fore specifically, ~77,4~~ of additional casts mere incurred <br />as ~. result, with this a~~ount being detailed as fallovvs: <br />~~~~ X49,2. 4~ ~1,~5. 4U ~,~~ <br />~`he council mill be contacting the Department of Racal avernrnent Finance ~DLF~ for <br />the dates of the approval of budgets far each of the 9 counties far the past faun ~4} yea~~s, <br />~~ <br />