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<br /> <br />For Immediate Release <br />February 2, 2009 <br />IACT Contact: Jennifer Simmons (317) 237-6200 x240 <br />City of South Bend Contact: Mikki Dobski (574) 235-5855 <br />Bi-Partisan Group of Indiana Mayors Heads to Washington, D.C. <br />Cities and Towns to Advocate for Local Infrastructure Needs <br />INDIANAPOLIS – Mayor Steve Luecke and the Indiana Association of Cities and <br />Towns (IACT) announced today that they are traveling to Washington, D.C. in effort to <br />convince members of Congress to approve an economic stimulus package that quickly <br />addresses valuable infrastructure needs and puts Hoosiers to work. <br />“We have several important projects that include public works, environmental upgrades, <br />technology, and economic development that are ready for implementation and could <br />result in almost 3,000 new jobs for the greater South Bend area,” stated Mayor Luecke. <br />A detailed list of these projects is attached. “Most importantly, we will emphasize the <br />value of streamlining this process so that this money can be put to work as quickly and <br />efficiently as possible.” <br />Mayor Luecke and IACT will be joined by a bi-partisan group of seven mayors from <br />around the state to support a stimulus package that allocates significant federal funding <br />for local infrastructure. The group will meet with several members of the Indiana <br />congressional delegation on Wednesday during a day of meetings on Capitol Hill. <br />Continued on Page 2 <br /> <br />