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I <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br />D� <br />AN ORDINANCE appropriating the sum of $1000.00 from the <br />General Furd of the City of South Bend for electric current for <br />the Board of Works and also appropriating the sum of $1500.00 for <br />coal and heat for the Board of Public Works an declaring an <br />emergency." <br />WHEREAS, the funds appropriatid by the Common Council <br />for the purchase of electric current for use in the City Hall and <br />other City buildings for the year 1940, and the sum appropriated <br />by the Common Council to the Board of Works for the purchase of <br />heat in the City Hall and Police Department for the yearn- 12AD_---� <br />were not cuff t to cover said items for said year..4 NOW THERE- V <br />FORE, Be it o ed byh® Common Council:` <br />S N Qne6 "!?hat the sum of $1000.00 be appropriated <br />from the General gf,ihe City of South Bend, to the Board of <br />Public Works af_ety °f)Dr the purchase of electric current <br />�t._ .. <br />for municipa d�iig oh- account is also known as budgetary <br />account #H -1 d ice• of $1500.00 be appropriated from the <br />General Fund he i te f South 'Bend to the Board of Public <br />Works and S ty for purchase of heat for the City Hall <br />and Police De ment, being known as budgetary item #H- 20.a. -.2- <br />SECTION Two: Be it further ordained that an extra- <br />ordinary emergency exists for the appropriation of these funds. <br />SECTION Three: This ordinance shall �e in full force <br />and effect from and after its adoption and approv 1 of the Mayor. <br />' <br />Member of Common Council. <br />W & 2nd READING 1,161,10 <br />COMMITTEE of THE wMc <br />PUBLIC HEARING Z`�=�nl <br />3rd READING /4 <br />NOT VPROVED <br />REFERRED^ �c Gf Q <br />PAWED ���� Q�o�Q �i.6 rS O , 6� O A <br />��t. <br />