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X013 <br /> it ■ <br /> I865 <br /> CITY OF SOUTH BEND <br /> PETE BUTTIGIEG,MAYOR <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> CONTACT: <br /> Kara Kelly, (574) 235-5853 <br /> kkelly <br /> MAYOR BUTTIGIEG TO DELIVER STATE OF THE CITY ADDRESS <br /> Mayor Pete Buttigieg will deliver his second State of the City address March 20 at 7 p.m. at <br /> LaSalle Intermediate Academy. Just over a year into his first term, Mayor Buttigieg will reflect <br /> on South Bend's achievements in 2012 and outline initiatives for the year to come. "We must <br /> continue to be bigger—bigger-hearted, and bigger-minded—to realize the potential of our great <br /> city," Mayor Buttigieg says. <br /> The address will outline initiatives to reduce violence, strengthen neighborhoods, increase <br /> employment, and streamline city government. To achieve these goals, the Mayor will not only <br /> draw on local resources and expertise, but on the character of the community itself. High-tech <br /> business investment and riverfront development already underway promise to redefine South <br /> Bend for the better, but a better city depends on its citizens being open to new opportunities. "If <br /> we are going to succeed in meeting our challenges, if we are going to open a new era in the life <br /> of our city," Mayor Buttigieg says, "then we must be open." <br /> Citing national and international recognition for the Morris Performing Arts Center and the city <br /> parks department, increased collaboration with the University of Notre Dame, and partnerships <br /> with neighboring communities, the Mayor will highlight ways South Bend has positioned itself <br /> to thrive. And he will call on citizens to move forward together with the resilient and optimistic <br /> spirit that has always been the basis for the city's success. <br /> "If we open up—open new connections and new paths, continue to reopen old places with new <br /> futures," Mayor Buttigieg says, "then we open opportunities for this community that can propel <br /> us not just beyond where we are now but far beyond even the best moments in our storied past." <br /> 444 <br />