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CITY OF SOUTH BEND <br /> PETE BUTTIGIEG, MAYOR <br /> OFFICE OF THE MAYOR <br /> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE <br /> March 22, 2013 <br /> Contact: Mike Schmuhl <br /> Phone: 574-235-9261 <br /> CITY STARTS HOME DEMOLITIONS ON IOWA STREET <br /> Neighborhood Slowly Getting Back to Normal <br /> SOUTH BEND—The City of South Bend approved two emergency house demolitions this week <br /> to bring down the two structures severely damaged by a plane crash on Sunday afternoon. <br /> The Building Department declared the structures unsafe and the Department of Code <br /> Enforcement is overseeing the demolitions. Contractors on site continue to collect debris before <br /> completely filling in the properties with dirt and soil. <br /> The South Bend Police Department continues to maintain security on the street and around the <br /> crash site. Onlookers and neighbors have been visiting the site since the City reopened the street <br /> to traffic on Tuesday. <br /> The City and Police Department are strongly encouraging only residents to drive down Iowa <br /> Street. <br /> The City of South Bend has also been working with regional mental health responders who will <br /> visit the neighborhood today and tomorrow to simply talk with residents about the incident and <br /> see if they or their loved ones need any assistance. <br /> "This has been a difficult week-to say the least—for the neighborhood," said Mayor Pete <br /> Buttigieg. "Our primary focus through the week has been to get the neighborhood back to normal <br /> as quickly as possible. I'm proud of the hard work of our city departments in helping throughout <br /> this time of recovery." <br /> 1400 COUNTY-CITY BUILDING.227 W.JEFFERSON BOULEVARD®SOUTH BEND,INDIANA 46601 <br /> PHONE 574/235-9261 ® FAN 574/235-9892 ® TTD 574/235-5567 <br />