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SpU TH 8F <br /> 4 � <br /> , <br /> R R <br /> 1865 <br /> CITY OF SOUTH BEND <br /> PETE BUTTIGIEG, MAYOR <br /> OFFICE OF THE MAYOR <br /> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE <br /> June 13, 2012 <br /> Contact:Debra Johnson,Director of Communications <br /> Phone: 574-235-5853 <br /> SOUTH BEND FIRE DEPARTMENT WARN RESIDENTS <br /> OF SEVERE DRY WEATHER CONDITIONS <br /> SOUTH BEND The South Bend Fire Department is warning residents to be mindful of <br /> the severe dry weather conditions in the area, which increases the risk of fires. <br /> According to the U.S.Drought Monitor Map released on Thursday of last week,many <br /> parts of northern Indiana have abnormally high drought conditions.Due to high winds, <br /> little rain, and dry conditions,residents are warned to avoid using any ignition source that <br /> can potentially start a fire. <br /> A special weather statement has been posted on,warning that any <br /> burning is not safe during this period of dry weather. Reports of grass fires have been <br /> increasing since the weekend and with no rain through the next seven days,the dry <br /> conditions will only get worse and increase the risk of fires. <br /> Eleven northeastern Indiana counties are experiencing moderate drought while the City <br /> of South Bend is in a severe drought. The Fire Department would like to notify residents <br /> that any ignition source can potentially spark fires. These include fireworks,pit burnings <br /> and any open flame. <br /> "If residents intend to burn,the Fire Department advises having a garden hose or fire <br /> extinguisher nearby," said Fire Marshal Federico Rodriguez. "Also, supervise children <br /> while playing and keep them away from matches, fireworks or any ignition source." <br /> Attached is a map of the current drought index from National Oceanic and Atmospheric <br /> Administration.This map is issued once a week and it designates areas in the community <br /> in severe and moderate drought. For more information,contact Fire Marshal Federico <br /> Rodriguez at 574-235-7564. <br /> 1400 COUNTY-CITY BUILDING- 227 W.IEFFERSON BOULEVARD-SOUTH BEND,INDIANA 46601 <br /> PHONE 574/235-9261 FAx 574/235-9892 <br />