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.:. o4SDU TA B�`V <br /> d <br /> C� <br /> v b1 <br /> y m:ece y <br /> 1 <br /> ✓ �a <br /> State Road 933 detours (Leeper Bridge closing) <br /> Important Safety Information <br /> South Bend, IN: As a result of the closing, by INDOT, of State Road 933 (Michigan St.) over the <br /> Leeper Bridge, detours have been posted by INDOT to advise drivers of alternative routes <br /> utilizing state roadways and some local streets. INDOT has jurisdiction over 933 as well as all <br /> other state roads. <br /> The city of South Bend is assisting with traffic controls and traffic safety procedures, into and out <br /> of the downtown South Bend area, as a result of the closing of the Leeper Bridge. City crews <br /> have strategically placed temporary 4-way stop signs around the areas expected to be most <br /> affected by the bridge closing and the state road detours. <br /> The city's goal is to reinforce information about the traffic changes, to ease traffic conditions as <br /> much as possible, and to help those travelling north and south through the detour areas as <br /> quickly and safely as possible. <br /> The purpose of the temporary 4-way stops, especially in residential neighborhoods, is to help <br /> manage and calm the re-routed traffic. All drivers are asked to please slow down and to be <br /> on the lookout for the new, temporary signs, around the affected areas. Drivers are also <br /> advised to allow more time to reach their destinations due to the traffic backups that may occur, <br /> especially during normal rush-hour times. <br /> The city is developing plans for alternate detours to reduce traffic through residential areas and to <br /> provide optimum traffic flow, depending on the outcome of the State's evaluation regarding the <br /> repairs needed and the length of time that the bridge may need to be closed. <br /> In the meantime,to assist with the detours directed by INDOT, the city of South Bend has also <br /> provided additional message boards to help identify the detour routes- <br /> -30- <br /> Mikki Dobski,DiL <br /> .a1'TO Communications and Special Projects <br /> 1400 County-City Bldg <br /> So.Bend,IN 46601 <br /> _e 574-235-5855 w <br /> _ 574-876-1564 c <br /> i.s 574-235-9892 fax <br /> mdobskiCalsouthbendl N.aov <br />