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O ,OUT <br /> PFACE <br /> 1865 SUNBURST® <br /> Media Release <br /> Tuesday, May 24, 2011 <br /> Noon <br /> Contact: Mikki Dobski, Communications & Special Projects, (5 74) 235-5855, 876-1564 <br /> Jennifer Juszkiewicz (5 74) 647-3234 or Edgar Diaz (5 74) 64 7-32 73—Memorial Hospital <br /> Mayor Announces Fitness Challenge <br /> South Bend,IN: Mayor Steve Luecke announced a special fitness challenge to the community <br /> today,encouraging all residents to make a commitment to health and fitness by <br /> participating in the Sunburst Races on June 3-4,2011. "The City of South Bend remains <br /> committed to the health and wellness of all employees and dependents. Through our Health& <br /> Wellness program,we encourage all employees to be actively involved in knowledge of our <br /> healthcare benefits and to focus on what each employee can do to remain healthy,to improve <br /> their health and wellness, and thus improve their lives and their longevity,"stated Mayor Luecke. <br /> The City of South Bend wholeheartedly supports providing opportunities that promote <br /> wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Employees who actively participate in the program are eligible <br /> for several benefits including a lower deduction in their monthly health premium, free <br /> membership to O'Brien Fitness Center, free access to group fitness classes, free seminars on <br /> health and wellness including a variety of Lunch n' Learn sessions that educate and promote <br /> healthy lifestyles. The program also includes confidential, onsite health screenings and on-going <br /> health coaching. <br /> -more- <br />