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o�sou TH <br /> F dx <br /> :J b <br /> W eFacE � � <br /> y� a 1, a2 <br /> 1865 <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> NEWS RELEASE <br /> Wednesday, Apri14, 2007 <br /> 9AM <br /> City Engineer named Indiana's `Engineer of the Year' <br /> Contact: Tom Price, Assistant to the Mayor, 235-5853, or Carl Littrell, City Engineer, 235- <br /> 5937 <br /> From his childhood home on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, Carl Littrell lived <br /> near modern construction marvels—Lock& Dam 24, the first steel bridge to cross the <br /> Mississippi, an early segment of the Interstate Highway System and the Gateway Arch. <br /> These landmarks shaped his decision to become an engineer. <br /> On March 23, the Indiana chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers recognized <br /> another kind of landmark. They named South Bend City Engineer Carl P. Littrell as <br /> "Engineer of the Year" at their annual meeting in Carmel, Ind. <br /> "Carl is a terrific example of the talented, dedicated and selfless staff who work for the <br /> City of South Bend," said Mayor Stephen J. Luecke. "His expertise has helped us to plan <br /> and maintain critical infrastructure that supports new growth and development. He has <br /> overseen numerous projects for the City, saving us many thousands of dollars. We <br /> applaud this recognition by his peers—it is well-deserved." <br /> "I am humbled, honored and quite flattered by this," said Littrell, who, characteristically, <br /> attributed the recognition to his staff, saying "you folks make me look good. No doubt <br /> about it." <br /> Littrell's co-workers say the recognition of Littrell by the leading engineers in the state <br /> was no bluff. <br /> "Carl's generosity of spirit to want to share the honor with the staff is a part of that <br /> character that reflects on why folks would seek to recognize him and his <br /> accomplishment," said Gary Gilot, South Bend's director of public works. "His <br /> professional recognition award is also a positive reflection on the South Bend <br /> community. That Carl should be held in such regard by his peers out of all the city <br />