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o�sou Tx <br /> F dx <br /> :J b <br /> W eFacE � � <br /> y� a 1, a2 <br /> 1865 <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> NEWS RELEASE <br /> March 27, 2007 <br /> 2 p.m. <br /> Contact: Mikki Dobski, Dir of Communications &Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876-1564 <br /> Jeff Gibney, Director of Community and Economic Development, 235-9375 <br /> Paul Meyer, Chair, DI SB Board, 237-9201 <br /> City to provide new executive leadership for DTSB <br /> The City of South Bend today announced it would provide two staff, leaders of the City <br /> Plan process, as interim executive leadership for Downtown South Bend Inc., a public- <br /> private partnership created in 2002 to promote the downtown area. <br /> Marco Mariam, the city's assistant director of community development, will serve as <br /> interim DTSB executive director, while city planner Jitin Kain will assist him in the day- <br /> to-day management of DTSB. <br /> "The City of South Bend is dedicated to moving forward in this partnership with the <br /> business community to strengthen our downtown," said Jeff Gibney, director of the city's <br /> Community and Economic Development department, whose staff include Mariam and <br /> Kain. "We are committed to creating a vibrant, exciting and diverse downtown that <br /> serves as a destination throughout the region for people to work, play, live and shop." <br /> Mariani and Kain will join existing DTSB staffers Sharman Schmidt, project <br /> development manager; Robin Slutsky, marketing and development coordinator; and Chris <br /> Culver, ambassador supervisor. Mariani and Kain will be accountable to both the DTSB <br /> board and Gibney. <br /> "We're deeply grateful for this very tangible show of support for DTSB and its mission <br /> by the city," said Paul Meyer, chair of the DTSB board. "Having `known people,' such as <br /> Marco and Jitin, with their background, knowledge and expertise join DTSB in these <br /> interim positions will go far in helping DTSB continue its programs and initiatives <br /> without hesitation or interruption." <br /> -more- <br />