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o�sou Tx <br /> F dx <br /> :J b <br /> W eFacE � � <br /> y� a 1, a2 <br /> 1865 <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> NEWS RELEASE <br /> Friday, March 23, 2007 <br /> 9:00 AM <br /> Contact: Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications&Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876- <br /> 1564, or David Tungate, South Bend Water Works deputy director, 235-5922 <br /> Water main flushing to begin March 26 on east side <br /> South Bend Water Works will begin its 2007 water main flushing program at 9 p.m. <br /> Monday, March 26, starting on South Bend's east side. <br /> One crew will work from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. followed by a second crew from 7 a.m. to 3 <br /> p.m. until March 30. The program will continue until April 13 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The <br /> program is designed to systematically move through the water system to get the best <br /> water quality to customers. <br /> "We are flushing our water mains to avoid additional discolored water concerns in the <br /> east side of our water system," said David Tungate, deputy director of South Bend Water <br /> Works. "The water may be temporarily discolored, but it is safe to consume. Our water <br /> exceeds the local, state and federal drinking water regulations." <br /> Discolored water is caused by an increase in water demand, usually attributed to warmer <br /> temperatures. There is a significant difference in the amount of water the city pumps <br /> between the summer and winter months. <br /> "We averaged 14 million gallons a day this winter and it is not unusual for us to pump <br /> over 35 million gallons a day in the summer," Tungate said. "Right now we are in a <br /> transition period between the two seasonal pumping demands." <br /> Flushing is a standard operation and maintenance procedure for the South Bend Water <br /> Works, which maintains more than 546 miles of water mains throughout the South Bend <br /> area The flushing program has two goals: <br /> • To remove unwanted iron and manganese sediment from the main. <br /> • To verify the proper operation of fire hydrants. <br />