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Girl Scout Troop Teams Up with South Bend Police <br /> The girls of Singing Sands Girl Scout Council Troop 149 have undertaken a <br /> community service project that will help the South Bend Police Department bring <br /> comfort to other South Bend children. The troop has decided to augment an existing <br /> SBPD outreach program that collects stuffed animals and makes them available to <br /> officers who might come into contact with children. <br /> "Whether it's just making a friendly first impression or providing a sense of <br /> comfort to a traumatized child," commented the SBPD, "the stuffed animals do double <br /> duty." <br /> The idea for the project stemmed from a decision the Girl Scouts had to make <br /> about how to best spend $300 in cookie sale money. <br /> "One of their lessons focused on sharing," said Troop Leader Vicky Hollaway. <br /> "The girls decided to give back to other kids in the community." <br /> The nine girls of Troop 149, who range in age from 9-10 and all attend Prairie <br /> Vista School in Granger, will donate to the Police Department the stuffed bears that they <br /> build and outfit at the Build-A-Bear store at University Park Mall. During the Build-A- <br /> Bear workshop each member of the troop will earn a"Math Whiz"badge. <br />