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piTll � , <br /> 4 � <br /> F x <br /> G� d <br /> W <br /> PEACE a <br /> x x <br /> 1865 <br /> MEDIA RELEASE <br /> January 23, 2007 <br /> Contact: Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications & Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876-1564 <br /> Chief Luther Taylor, South Bend Fire Department, 235-7553 <br /> Fire Department Finds Great Deal In New Pumper <br /> The South Bend Fire Department will soon have the opportunity to increase its fire-fighting <br /> capability,while also saving the City money. On Monday night the Common Council approved <br /> Chief Taylor's application for authorization of$100,000 to be utilized for the special purchase <br /> and upgrade of a used fire truck from the West Milton Fire Company, Inc. The proposed truck, a <br /> 1991 Pierce Dash "pumper", comes outfitted with special features that would be advantageous to <br /> the South Bend Fire Department. According to Chief Taylor, the purchase of the used pumper <br /> will save the City approximately $200,000 when compared to the purchase of a similarly- <br /> equipped new truck. <br /> "The availability of this Pierce Dash pumper provides the department with the unique <br /> opportunity to obtain equipment at a substantial savings," commented Chief Taylor. <br /> The Pierce Dash was located by Chief Taylor while he was researching new equipment. The fire <br /> truck,though used, is in excellent condition and comes equipped with many of the features that <br /> the Fire Department looks for. The truck has been driven fewer than 20,000 miles, and has an <br /> aluminum chassis which is impervious to rust. Like other pumpers in the SBFD fleet, this Pierce <br /> Dash has an extended bumper and pre-connect hose lines. In addition to meeting the <br /> departmental equipment requirements, this particular vehicle comes with a large diameter <br /> extended intake on the front bumper, and is already painted in the SBFD colors...features that <br /> would otherwise cost the department $16,000 420,000 to add. The Pierce Dash is also outfitted <br /> with an extra large water tank. <br /> "The new truck will have the largest water tank in our fleet," said the Chief. "This will be <br /> particularly advantageous, as we plan to use the truck to fight field fires and other fires where <br /> hydrants are not available." <br /> While the cost of the used Pierce Dash represents a substantial savings over the cost of a new <br /> truck, which runs in the range of$325,000, it also represents a savings over other used fire trucks <br />