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oiT11 � , <br /> 4 � <br /> F x <br /> G� d <br /> W <br /> PEACE a <br /> r <br /> x ■ <br /> 1865 <br /> MEDIA RELEASE <br /> Tuesday,January 16, 2007 <br /> 2:45 PM <br /> Contact: Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications & Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876-1564 <br /> Jeff Vitton, Community& Economic Development, 235-5827 <br /> Chris Dressel, Community& Economic Development, 235-5847 <br /> Mayor Touts Success of Residential and Commercial <br /> Corridor Improvement Matching Grants. <br /> Reemphasizing his commitment to revitalization and growth in South Bend's <br /> neighborhoods and business districts, Mayor Luecke met today with City and neighborhood <br /> leaders at Gene's Camera Store on Lincoln Way West,to talk about the overall success of the <br /> Commercial Corridor Fagade Improvement and Residential Enhancement matching grant <br /> programs. <br /> Corridor and neighborhood improvement initiatives have been a priority of the Mayor <br /> since he took office in 1997. The matching grant programs seek to enhance the vibrancy of city <br /> neighborhoods and business sectors through a cooperative of public and private investment. <br /> On Lincoln Way West, Gene's Camera Store serves as a shining example of the <br /> commercial corridor improvements. Owned and operated by Mr. Jack St. Pierre since 1981, <br /> Gene's Camera Store has recently undergone fapade improvements with the help of a grant from <br /> the City's Commercial Corridor Fagade Improvement Matching Grant Program. Mr. St. Pierre <br /> made visual improvements to the west wall of his business and constructed a new parking lot in <br /> the vacant space next to the store. The parking lot, complete with lighting and landscaping, <br /> allows customers to park safely next to the store and enter through the new west door. The <br /> improvements were made possible by a City grant of$20,000, which Mr. St. Pierre matched with <br /> a private investment of$42,605. <br /> "In the last year, on Lincoln Way West alone, eight businesses were able to enhance the <br /> facades of their stores," said Mayor Luecke. "Through the cooperation of local business leaders <br /> and the City of South Bend, over $140,000 was invested in this commercial corridor on which <br /> we stand. Helping these small businesses to revitalize the arteries of South Bend is imperative to <br /> the future success of our city." <br /> -More- <br />