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x <br /> d <br /> 15fi5 <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> NEWS RELEASE <br /> Thursday,May 4, 2006 <br /> 2:30PM <br /> Contact: Mikki Dobski, Director, Communications & Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876-1564 <br /> Marco Marian, Community& Economic Development, 574-235-5844 <br /> $1,000,000 FOR COMMERCIAL CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENTS <br /> Mayor Stephen J. Luecke joined with Common Council President Timothy Rouse, <br /> Council members, and representatives of the City's five Commercial Corridors this afternoon,to <br /> outline a $1,000,000 improvement plan for the Mayor's Commercial Corridor Initiative, now in <br /> its eighth year. Representatives of the City's five Commercial Corridors provided an update of <br /> recent accomplishments and an outline for the coming year at UpScale Trends on Miami Street. <br /> The business is owned by Ms. Ocie Brazier who recently purchased the building that houses her <br /> unique gift shop. Previously, she was renting space along Miami Street at another location but <br /> decided to become a property owner given her confidence in the Miami Street retail market. The <br /> building owned by Ms. Brazier also contains the longstanding specialty retail business La Candy <br /> Shoppe. <br /> Ms. Brazier will be renewing the fagade of her building soon. The Miami Village <br /> Association will be assisting the project through the Miami Village Commercial Corridor <br /> Fagade Matching Grant Program. Once complete, UpScale Trends will serve as an anchor <br /> business at the recently improved Miami Street and Ewing Avenue Gateway. <br /> "We are pleased to announce another $1 million dollar corridor allocation. To date, <br /> $6,750,000 has been allocated for commercial corridor projects that include a range of activities <br /> that enhance the look and function of these vital business districts," said Mayor Luecke. "In <br /> spite of fiscal challenges, support for the corridor program is strong and that along with the City <br /> Council,we remain committed to improving the entryways into the city,"noted Luecke. "The <br /> impact the corridor program has made in six years is significant. The successes can be measured <br /> not only in the amount of private investment generated, new streetscapes and building <br /> construction. We have also advanced the level of the public involvement in fostering the health <br /> of our commercial corridors. We've created an optimism that is real and crucial to stimulating <br /> more private investment,"Mayor Luecke concluded. <br /> -more - <br />