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SOU T$BF�� <br /> G3 b <br /> W PEACE a <br /> r <br /> it ■ <br /> 1865 <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> NEWS RELEASE <br /> May 8,2006 <br /> Contact: Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications& Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876-1564 <br /> 2nd Annual Halina Poetry Prize Winners Announced <br /> Mayor Stephen J. Luecke announced the winners of the second annual Halina Poetry <br /> Prize contest at the May 8 Common Council Meeting. The Halina Poetry Prize, a poetry contest <br /> for high school students, was designed to showcase area students' literary talent and to honor <br /> South Bend's Sister City, Czestochowa,Poland. This year's winners are: <br /> Halina Prize__________________________________ Joseph Beatty, Grade 11, Adams H. S. <br /> Honorable Mentions, Grades 11-12 Ashley Kay Peterson, Grade 11, Riley H.S. <br /> Brandie Picton, Grade 11, Riley H.S. <br /> (Note: Ashley Kay Peterson also received the 2005 Halina Honorable Mention for <br /> the 9-10 Grade Division.) <br /> Honorable Mentions, Grades 9-10 David Tidmarsh, Grade 10, Adams H.S. <br /> Megan Weldy, Grade 10, Adams H.S. <br /> Teachers Adams High School—Ann Raymer <br /> Riley High School—Susan Pantoja <br /> "The Halina Poetry Prize gives high school students from public, parochial and private <br /> schools an opportunity to express themselves and be recognized for their outstanding skills," <br /> stated Mayor Luecke. "The contest also helps build recognition of our Sister City, Czestochowa <br /> and its great history and culture. It is through international relations like these that cities can <br /> build important ties that link individuals across thousands of miles, and through better <br /> understanding, help us to peacefully embrace our differences." <br /> -more- <br />