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o4SoTO TH 8F� <br /> 4 <br /> tr <br /> U d <br /> �7 PEACE a <br /> 1865 <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> MEDIA RELEASE <br /> Friday,April 21,2006 <br /> 11:00 A.M. <br /> Contact: Shawn Peterson, Asst. City Attorney, 235-9241 <br /> Jennifer Laurent, Downtown Project Manager, 235-9336 <br /> Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications& Special Projects, 574-235-5855 or <br /> 876-1564 <br /> Wake Up the Echoes, Gameday Centers Is Coming! <br /> Mayor Stephen J. Luecke, Gary Spillers, CEO of Gameday Centers, and the South Bend <br /> Redevelopment Commission today announced that an agreement has been reached between the <br /> City and Gameday Centers for the development of the new Gameday Center <br /> Condominium/Hotel and Parking Garage, to be located at the corner of St. Joseph St. and <br /> Jefferson Blvd. in downtown. <br /> "It is with great excitement and expectations that Gameday Centers comes to the bastion <br /> of college football, South Bend, Indiana, the home of the University of Notre Dame Fighting <br /> Irish and the College Football Hall of Fame," said Gary Spillers. "We are very excited to bring <br /> Gameday to South Bend, not just for Notre Dame fans,but for our community as well," stated <br /> Mayor Steve Luecke. "This project brings approximately $40 million in private investment to <br /> South Bend and is exactly the type of unique product that helps South Bend continue to be the <br /> regional center for development in our area. The 12-story structure will also be an impressive <br /> addition to the downtown skyline." <br /> - more - <br />