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� <br /> t <br /> 3 <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> MEDIA RELEASE <br /> Monday,May S, 2006 <br /> Contact: Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications & Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876-1564 <br /> Jason Durr, Division of Engineering 235-9251 <br /> Clarification of Downspout Disconnect Program <br /> Information was recently distributed in the Water Works bill, regarding South Bend's <br /> Downspout Disconnect Program. This program is a free service, offered by the City,to <br /> disconnect older residential downspouts from the City's sewer system. Unfortunately, some of <br /> the wording suggested to residents that their downspouts were disconnected improperly or that <br /> they are in violation of City ordinance, when, in fact,they are not. We apologize for the <br /> confusion and assure residents that the forms were intended only as a courtesy for those residents <br /> who still need to have their downspouts disconnected from the sewer system. Residents who <br /> would like to participate in the free, voluntary Downspout Disconnect Program are invited to <br /> contact the Division of Engineering at 235-9251 or visit <br /> Downspout Disconnect Indemnification.doc. <br /> Downspouts on many older homes connect directly to the City's sewer system, causing <br /> sewers to receive both waste and rain water. A single residence can deposit as much as 27,000 <br /> gallons of rain water to the system each year. During heavy rainfall and melting snow, combined <br /> sewer overflow can cause flooding, sewer backup into basements, and odors that escape into the <br /> air through downspouts rather than remaining underground. <br /> The Downspout Disconnect Program is part of the City's Clean River/Healthy <br /> Neighborhoods initiative to reduce sewer backups and overflows and help build a Clean City. <br />