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a�S0110 x8 B� <br /> w �►C <br /> le <br /> 1966 <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> Media Release <br /> Wednesday,March 15, 2006 <br /> Contact: Mark Dollinger, Weed& Seed Coordinator, 235-7619 <br /> South Bend's Model Weed & Seed Alliance Receives $225,000 Department of <br /> Justice Grant To Continue 4th Year Funding <br /> Mayor Stephen J. Luecke announced today that the South Bend Weed and Seed <br /> Alliance (SBWSA)has been awarded a grant from the Department of Justice in the <br /> amount of$225,000, to continue its fourth year of programming. The funds are <br /> earmarked to provide continuation of valuable program activities and assist with new <br /> ones in the Weed& Seed area. The Weed & Seed boundaries are Sample Street on the <br /> south, Grand Trunk Railroad tracks on the north, Arnold Street on the east and Sheridan <br /> Street on the west. <br /> "Renewal of funding for the fourth year Weed and Seed strategy is a compliment <br /> to the coalition of governmental units working together with neighborhood residents <br /> seeking solutions for positive involvement, improvements, and investments in the <br /> community," stated Mayor Luecke. <br /> The South Bend Weed& Seed Alliance is also officially opening a new Safe <br /> Haven at Layman Chapel CME Church,which will offer GED (General Equivalence <br /> Diploma) assistance to neighborhood residents wishing to acquire a GED. The program <br /> will prepare and test individuals for the diploma and help them seek out employment <br /> assistance. <br /> -more- <br />