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UT g� <br /> U n <br /> W MAC a <br /> s� <br /> r ■ <br /> 1865 <br /> Office of the Mayor <br /> News Release <br /> Wednesday,February 8, 2006 <br /> 10:15 AM <br /> Contact: Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications& Special Projects, (5 74) 235- <br /> 58551876-1564 <br /> Misconduct Results in Disciplinary Action <br /> At its' meeting today, the Board of Safety approved an unpaid twenty-one day <br /> administrative leave for Assistant Police Chief Eugene Kyle, effective February 11, 2006. <br /> Chief Kyle was involved in a vehicle accident in December 2005 that resulted in an arrest <br /> for OWI(Operating While Intoxicated). Chief Kyle entered a guilty plea and was <br /> convicted of the offense on January 11. <br /> Recognizing the severity of the misconduct and the inherent dangers of <br /> this activity, as well as the City and the Police Department's commitment to the strong <br /> enforcement of drinking and driving laws, Mayor Stephen Luecke is relieving Chief Kyle <br /> of his current assignment and reducing his rank to Captain, effective today,February 9. <br /> Additionally, in keeping with the standard disciplinary action followed by the Police <br /> Department, Kyle has also received a letter of reprimand from Chief Thomas Fautz. <br /> At this time, the Mayor is not naming a replacement for the Assistant Chief <br /> position. Instead,he has requested that Chief Fautz temporarily handle the administration <br /> of the Detective Bureau. After sixty days, the Mayor will reevaluate Chief Kyle's <br />