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ERSKINE GOLF COURSE IS NOT FOR SALE Page 1 of 2 <br /> � v%• 'Building a 21St Century City " <br /> ' rs Stephen J. Luecke, Mayor <br /> RELEASE FROM: FOR RELEASE: <br /> STEPHEN J. LUECKE, MAYOR WED., MARCH 9, 2005 <br /> ERSKINE GOLF COURSE IS NOT FOR SALE <br /> Mayor Stephen J. Luecke today announced that the City will not pursue proposals to redevelop Erskine Golf <br /> Course. He has directed staff to stop reviewing various concepts for reuse of the property. "Erskine Golf <br /> Course will continue to serve this community as a premier public links course that also provides important <br /> green space and recreational activities,' said Luecke. <br /> The Department of Community & Economic Development began the Erskine Hills Development Plan four <br /> years ago to provide a framework for creating new residential and retail development, for updating and <br /> upgrading the existing area making it more attractive and pedestrian friendly. <br /> At the same time, the Park and Recreation Department began work on its Master Plan, reviewing its <br /> inventory of existing parks and recreation opportunities, analyzing what was working well, and exploring the <br /> demand for new recreational opportunities, and continuing its efforts to develop new urban parks. <br /> Currently, there are over one million sq. ft. under development between Erskine Village and Erskine <br /> Commons. As the City looked at the Ireland Road Corridor and considered the energy and positive <br /> investments developing, inquiries about other locations for investment, including the golf course, were <br /> received. <br /> Staff began to ask "what if' questions. What if we could provide a better golf facility with amenities that <br /> would help sustain operations while keeping greens fees affordable? What if we could have quality retail, <br /> commercial and residential development at the site that would also keep forty acres for park land which <br /> would be accessible all year round? What if we could end up with not only better facilities, but also more <br /> park land and green space? These were not the only considerations, but they set a threshold that must be <br /> passed before any proposal could be considered and brought forward for full public discussion. <br /> The City also contacted the Erskine heirs during the review process. At that time, they did not voice any <br /> objections to the concept of redeveloping and relocating Erskine Golf Course. The City wanted to <br /> investigate the opportunity of creating a new, improved golf course, adding more park land in the city, and <br /> preserving significant greenspace at the current site while continuing to honor the original intentions of the <br /> Erskine gift. <br /> "We recognize that the demand for additional residential, retail and entertainment opportunities requires pro- <br /> active planning," stated Mayor Luecke. The City of South Bend believes in a balanced approach that is <br /> based on "Smart Growth" principals of neighborhood livability and promoting distinctive, attractive <br /> communities. Having asked the "What if' questions, we have concluded that we could not meet the <br /> threshold for pursuing this concept further. Any positives which might result would not outweigh the <br /> negatives associated with changing the use of the property- <br /> 2005/030905 Erskine.htm 1/13/2006 <br />